Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Q&A

I thought it might be fun to share some of the questions I've been asked since we started sharing our big news.  These questions range from popular, to weird, to completely random. 

How are you feeling?
By far, the most popular question.  On Monday alone, I think this was asked at least 20 times.  Probably more.  But the answer is, really good.  No morning sickness!  I've been tired, but that's to be expected.  Actually, up until this week, that hasn't even been much of an issue -- I've had all summer to nap whenever I felt like it.  Which means, yes, I've been super tired this week now that I'm back at work.  Fortunately, I've found that as long as I'm moving around (which I normally do at work), I can avoid feeling draggy.  Let's see...other than that, I've had a few middle-of-the-night Charlie horses, heartburn, and indigestion.  Nothing too awful.  I've been very fortunate.

How far along are you?
My best guess is 11 weeks and 4 days, as of today (8/10/10).

Are you going to find out the sex?
If our child is cooperative, then yes.

Was it planned?
Um...this one is always awkward.  Not because of the answer (it's really not a big deal for me to say that we weren't preventing this from happening), but because it's always the nicest people who ask this very weird question.  Not something I think I could ask.

I have a full bottle and a half bottle of Dreft in my van.  Do you want it?
That stuff is expensive, so yes please. :)  So so happy when one of my coworkers asked this yesterday!

Are your pants too tight? (Inserted randomly in the middle of a converstaion about mundane beginning of school things.)
No.  Not yet.  Just wearing a loose top.  I needed a couple of new late summer/early fall tops, so I figured they might as well be a bit roomy.  But...wow...thanks for the concern about my waistline. 

Congradulations! try to control the cravings! I found out the more you eat the bigger the baby. ouch! My sis is the true example of this theroy.
While I realize this isn't a question, it was definitely the congrats from FB that took the cake.  Seriously?  Congratulate someone by telling them not to eat so much or face even more excruciating pain?  Um...thanks...I think?  (Also, please pass the spaghetti with meat sauce.  Yes, this is what I crave.)

So now that you're pregnant, are you going to become one of those people that only blogs about the baby?  Because I really liked your blog, but now I probably won't be able to relate.
Okay, so this is actually the question that pops into my head whenever one of the bloggers I follow makes this announcement.  Probably because I've seen so many bloggers go this route.  Which is fine...it's their blogs.  But I've always found it hard to relate, and ususally stopped reading, because I got tired of hearing about every aspect of pregnancy and baby, with little to no mention of any of the things that originally drew me to their blog.  I am going to try really, really hard not to change the tone of my blog to "baby blog".  I mean, I still have other things going on, right?  Trivia night, Peddler's Mall trips, TAAFOMFT, along with lots and lots of other nifty things.  I plan to remain the same blogger I've always been.  Like it or not.  :) 


By the way, the first day of school was excellent!  I'm very happy with the way things went today.  Keep the good days coming!


sarah said...

hehehe. this post made me giggle... esp the waistline comment. haha!

and keep the blogging up, that is if you are up for it.

take care my friend! wishing you the best in these next months ahead of you.

i can't wait to hear all about it.


amy lapi said...

this made me laugh really hard, and also, love you lots.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

and this is one of the million reasons i love you... i think i would die if i didn't have your wit to turn to... amen :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Georgia Visacri said...

I love this post, Bekka, TFS it and have a great day!

JessiW said...

Well, I love your blog, no matter what you blog about..baby and all!! And Love this post...people get weird when you get pregnant,especially the first time..what I hated was complete strangers who wanted to rub my belly!!!! I could maybe understand it from people I know, but complete strangers...COME ON!!

Melonie said...

LOL! Loved this little post and so glad to hear that the first day of school went well. Oh and good news I went through 2 pregnancies with NO morning sickness whatsoever..so it is possible to remain puke free:)

Jeanet said...

Great post! Fun and weird questions....wait untill complete strangers want to touch your belly ;)
I have to object to the part where if you eat a lot the baby will get bigger...in my case that was so NOT true ;)
And I will read the posts about your pregnancy and your "normal" posts too!Enjoy!!

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

hey i liked reading your blog post!! im glad youre not feeling sicky. um okay, so its rude for someone to ask if your pants are too tight AND it's so not true the more you eat the bigger the baby, that's rediculous, lol! I'm sure you already know that though!
I'm positive youre not going to change or your blog once the baby arrives. :) now that you said that im kind of nervous that I talk about MY baby too much on my blog, lol!! I'm gonna have to be careful cause ive never wanted to be one of THOSE people! :)

*kim* said...

this cracked me up!

here's my burning question...
do you feel fat yet?

LOL ----kidding totally of course!!!
just thought that would be a funny question to ask a new pregger. ;)

Breanne Crawford said...

i hope you blog lots and lots about the baby! i love reading baby blogs! HHAHA :) and ignore all the stupid comments that will inevitably come your way... people don't have a lot of ... class... when it comes to talking about pregnancy/baby. and people make a lot of assumptions ;) cannot wait to hear MORE about this growing little babe and even more excited for the day we all get to "meet" him or her!

Breanne Crawford said...

OH. and dreft is expensive. there are other baby detergents you can use. i use sun and earth or something like that and i bought it online from a janitorial store (weird, right?) but it was wayyy cheaper!

deana said...

Hilarious... people are definitely weird sometimes. :-)