Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Liam @ five months

Can you believe five months have already passed? Look how big my little guy is getting!

Liam at five months

I love that little smirk.  :)

He now rolls over both ways. He mastered those skills over the course of two days.  He's getting close to sitting up.  He's pretty good at it right now, except for that impulse to throw himself backward.  We thought he was teething the other day, but he may have just had a summer cold. 

He loves being tickled, eating rice cereal, toys of any kind, mimicking "raspberry" noises from mommy and daddy, showers, holding drinking glasses, going to the Thai restaurant (the owner loves him!), sitting at the dinner table, and staring at the cat (she does not reciprocate those feelings).

Still not a fan of snot-sucking.  But really, who is?  

He starts going to the sitter next week.  He'll be the youngest of six kids.  I think for me, it's better that he leaves with Mike.  That way I don't feel like I'm directly handing him over to someone else.  (But his sitter is fantastic, and he's done well the few days he stayed with her at the end of the school year!)

And here's the collection of monthly pictures for those of you that like timelines.  :)   His hair is growing back now (check out 3 months for the receding

Liam months 1-5

Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Fashion Diaries

It's been a little too long since I last shared my fashion diaries with you.  I've given up on keeping up with how many days I've been doing this, and now I just (try to) come up with clever titles for each outfit. 

#fashiondiaries day 29 

Hooray! Crochet!: One of my finds from the Salvation Army.  Actually, Christina came to me with this one.  I'm so happy she did, because it's perfect!  Cute pearl buttons, lovely pattern -- I'm certain it was handmade. The string was originally threaded through the bottom of the vest, but I like it better cinching the waist. 

Goodwill + salvation army #fashiondiaries

I Would Fight Someone To Win You Back: Okay, not really.  But maybe the thought crossed my mind for a split-second after I spotted this top at the Salvation Army, stepped aside to let someone down the aisle, and watched that person pick this top up and put it in her cart.  But instead of getting all violent on her, I patiently stalked the return rack in front of the dressing room.  My patience paid off, and now I have this cute vintage top!

Sunday morning #fashiondiaries

Dots and Ruffles and Pockets, Oh My: Love, love, love this dress from Maurices!  It fits so well, the material feels so good, and -- BONUS -- it has pockets!  As every dress should.

My belated Mother's Day gift: a trip to the Arboretum to shoot some TtV pics.

Mamarazzi: I finally got my Mother's Day gift -- the opportunity to have a photo-day at the Arboretum while Mike toted the gear and the boy around.

Asymmetrical top. #fashiondiaries

Symmetry?! Who needs it?:  Love this asymmetrical top from TJ Maxx! Asymmetry is kind of a big deal to wedding dress had an asymmetrical waistline. 

Cooler summer day. #fashiondiaries

Okay, Now Tilt Your Head This Way...:  I totally look like I just took my own high school yearbook pic!  Yay me! 

Ready for a day of treasure hunting. #fashiondiaries

Bead-dazzling: This is the go-to beaded necklace in my collection.

Morning-to-daytime #fashiondiaries

Yes, I DID Take My Sweater Off.  What An Astute Observation, Captain Obvious.: This pic got me my first (and so far only) slightly-mean comment on Instagram.  Some teen thought she would be clever and point out that all I did was take off my sweater.  Mmmmhmmm.  That's because that's how I wore this outfit that day.  Chilly morning = light sweater, warmer temps = no sweater.  It's kind of how that whole "adapting to climate" thing works. 

Wearing my "teething bling". #fashiondiaries
Bada-Bling: Teething bling.  A wonderful gift from my friend Kathryn!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some recent scrapbook pages

I'm on a roll!  Here are six of my recent pages.  I have a couple more that are waiting for journaling.  Forgive the terrible iPhone photos!