Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's tone it down just a bit...

Zack sent me this one last week...cracks me up! This is Jonathan Coulton from Davinci's Notebook.

I heard this one a few weeks ago from Obadiah it!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

This just might be... new favorite site!

Went to Louisville...

for a few days for a conference. Now I'm back. I actually drove around the city (a rarity for me -- the traffic scares me). But, it's amazing what the promise of scrapbook supplies and cheesecake will make a person do! :)

Mike is in the process of buying a Nissan Frontier. I'm excited for him! The truck has been giving him too many problems lately. Time to move on...

Here's a fun site to check out: Walkscore. Rate your area's "walk-ablity" (in other words, how many places you can get to on foot). We rate a 55, which surprised me. But then again, we are near a grocery story, church, a pharmacy, a few restaurants, government buildings. Now maybe we should start walking to them.

Friday, July 13, 2007

This is what I've been doing all week.

Building robots and playing with LEGOs. And I'm getting three credit hours toward my master's degree! Pretty sweet deal! This week we built and programmed the robots (today was our battlebot war!) and next week I'm working at the robotics camp at Sayre.

I've missed this girl!

Kate came back to Kentucky for a few days to attend an AP conference. Last night, Carrie D. had all of us (me, Charlie, Sarah, Carrie H., and Mr. D4 and family) over to hang out before she had to return to Chicago. It's good to know that after an eventful year (Kate moved to Chicago and had an adorable baby girl), we can get together and come back to where we left off.
Hoping to make it to Chicago in October!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here they come to save the day...

Yeah, they pretty much saved us this weekend. Mike's truck broke down on Southland Drive on Sunday. The tow truck took 90 minutes to get there...Derek and Jeannine only took 30. They waited with us. They took us to the grocery store. They drove us all the way home. They rock!

My new blog-home

So I've been a bad blogger lately. Basically, I just got tired of switching back and forth between my original blogger account and my google blogger account (and I never figured out how to merge the two -- if anyone knows if this is possible, please let me know). So this is my new blog-home. Don't worry -- you can still see the posts from my old blog here.

So, welcome to my new home. I hope to post much more often than I used to (especially since I'm on Google almost everyday).