Monday, June 22, 2009

Last week (in list form)

  • Celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage on the 19th.
  • Celebrated Mike's 30th birthday on the 16. I bought him some tomatoes. Oh, and a birthday card that plays the chicken dance. :)
  • My parents finally got to see the house this weekend.
  • They gave us a carpet cleaner as a birthday/housewarming gift. The upstairs carpet desperately needs this. I think the previous owner left his dog to it's own devices on more than one occasion. Bleh.
  • I'm almost finished painting my scraproom. I'm going for a gray and yellow color combo. The walls will be gray, with yellow accents throughout the room.
  • I spent three days at a technology conference near Louisville.
  • While there, I got spend an evening with this girl. We ate gooey brownies and it was fabulous.
  • I'm sold on the idea of using cell phones as a learning tool. There are actually a lot of great things you can do with using cellphones as a classroom response system (I had no idea!) It beats fighting the cellphone battle. Now to convince the administration...
  • I know one of my goals this year was to learn how to knit, but I'm so into crochet right now, and I've moved beyond scarves! I love amigurumis. This book is fantastic.
  • Getting stuff together for my trip to Nashville next week for SIScon. My roomies are fantastic, and I'm bringing my real-life best friend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me in A-Z

I saw this on Sarah's blog, so I thought I'd give it a try.

A – Age: 28 (29 next week)
B – Bed size: Full
C – Chore you hate: Cleaning out the refrigerator. Cleaning the toilet
D – Dog’s name: I don't have one. But if we did, it would be Hugendubel.
E – Essential start your day item: toothbrush
F – Favorite color: yellow
G – Gold or Silver: silver
H – Height: 5′2"
I – Instruments you play(ed): piano and guitar. I would love to play the ukulele.
J – Job title: Technology teacher
K – Kid(s): Lola (the cat)
L – Living arrangements: House
M – Mom’s name: Judy
N – Nicknames: Bekka, Bex
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: never (knock on wood)
P – Pet Peeve: impatience
Q – Quote from a movie: “This one goes to eleven."
R – Right or left handed: Right
S – Siblings: Brittany and Zack
T – Time you wake up: somewhere between 7 and 10 am in the summer. 5:30 during the school year
V – Vegetable you dislike: Cabbage
U- Underwear: Umm...gonna pass on this one...
W – Ways you drink your coffee: mocha, sometimes in frappaccino form
X-rays you’ve had: teeth.
Y – Yummy food you make: beef stew, mashed potatoes
Z – Zoo favorite : bonabos

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm baaaack!

Our internet was just activated today. Two weeks after I signed up. Hooray, anyway! :)

We are offically moved in. The ugly peach paint -- gone. Big hooray! (It took sanding for about 2 hours a day for two weeks to get rid of it.) The living room is a lovely yellow ("white raisin", to be exact). It finally feels like ours, and the room is just so much nicer! :)
First, the "before" photos:

And the "after":

I'm painting the upstairs bedroom (ie "scraproom") this weekend.
Lots more to share, but I need to catch up on some email, facebook, etc.