Monday, March 30, 2009

Reason #1752...

...why I love this purse. Allergy season might actually be fun this year!

No, not really. But I still love what my purse can do. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do I have anything to talk about?

Heck no. Just a random stream-of-consciousness post because I just wanna blog.
  • I jogged yesterday. 2 miles. I've only jogged one other time since the new year. Needless to say, I was (am) pretty sore. So of course the natural thing to do was to jog another 2 miles today. This time I wasn't so jazzed about doing so, but my friend Ashley send me a motivational text: "Suck it up!" So I did. Now I hurt more. Tomorrow is going to be a non-running day. I don't think my body will have it any other way. :)
  • Oh, and I'm feeling the need to punish myself because I'm running a 5K in April. Even though it's less than a month away, but I think I'll be ready for it by then.
  • I'm loving Ramen noodles right now. We went to a Thai restaurant on Friday night, and I ordered the "Super Angel Noodles" because (1) I loved the name and (2) I thought the noodles were going to be the thick kind. My food came out, and the noodles were ramen-style. (Mike got the noodles I thought I was going to get.) No big deal, becaus it's now my new favorite dish! I'm already dreaming of our next visit. :) And even though all ramen is inferior to what I had on Friday night, it sparked a $.17 ramen craving. Probably because it reminds me of college, and I loved/miss college.
  • This is a bland post. I need to take more photos. Daily.
  • Puff lotion tissues are the best. My allergies are back (yay Spring!), and I'm sporting what I like to call the "Rudolph" look (sans antlers).
  • Looking forward to going to an open house this Sunday. We're ready to buy. Now we just need a house.
  • I think I want to see a movie this weekend. Any suggestions? (Nothing scary! I know there's plenty of those out right now.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am not one of those teachers that owns a horrendous sweater for every holiday.

Still, I did get decked out in my green today. On my terms.

Right down to the eyeshadow. Possibly the best $3 I have ever spent.

And I finished him! Then promptly gave him away at a baby shower. But the main thing is that I finished a crochet project that wasn't a scarf!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sometimes I forget about my blog, for instance.

In the Bess household at the moment, we're trying to keep from getting sick. We're doing a horrible job of that. Mike slept all day yesterday, and I slept most of the day today. We're achy and stuffy, and determined to go to work tomorrow. Ugh. Saddest part of it all: we were going to go out for Indian food with some friends after church. I'll have to put off that lassi craving for another week or so.

But potential good news on the Indian-restaurant front: our favorite place burned down a year ago, and I think I found the new restaurant...and it's closer!!! I really hope it's the same place, because it was the best!!!

So instead we watched a Lifetime movie that made me smack my forehead with every decision the protagonist made. Because it's a great idea to marry a powerful businessman you've known all of one weekend.

I'm crocheting again. Before this weekend, my skill level consisted of scarves. Nothing beyond a straight line. Now, I'm almost finished with this guy, and halfway finished with this guy. Because life is too short to only have one project going on at a time. :)

I got my hair cut on Friday. It had been a good 7 or 8 months since it had been cut last, and I'm so happy with the way it turned out! Here's a horrible photo that I took to share with my mom, but am now sharing with you because I'm too lazy to take a better one right now.

I think I have a weird profile.

Scrapbook pages to share! I think this is the first time I have shared all of's been awhile, so if you see a double, just don't say anything, ok? :D

This was for the ScrapMojo challenge a couple of months ago.

The greatest day of antiquing ever.

The title says everything.

Our road trip to visit Mike's family in Ohio this past Christmas.

My Pretty Committee page. The latest challenge is up. Join in!