Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun scrapbooking find.

While browsing the Peddler's Mall yesterday, we came across an old scrapbook.  I thoroughly enjoyed this page: 


Somebody really liked their cornflakes.  :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look what I did today!

It's been a long time.  Too long, really.  But I'm feeling my creativity make a return.  Hooray!  I did it!!!


I'll share the full pages soon.

That thing I just can't wrap my mind around.

Roadside litter.

Yes, perhaps the quickest and laziest method for cleaning your car out. 
You'd almost think the person littering was some kind of neat freak, what with the urgency to toss their trash at the earliest opportunity.

You know, except for that whole "destroying the beauty of nature" thing.  Throwing away your trash when you get home is so overrated.  :P

Friday, June 17, 2011

Odd things I say to my child - vol. 2

  • "Mommy sings about happy things, like boogers and unicorns."  (While explaining to him that Rihanna's music is not appropriate for little kids.)
  • "It's time for 2nd breakfast...just like the Hobbits!"
  • "Awwww. You look like a Muppet."  (Overheard Mike saying this to Liam one night.)
  • "Not to get all German fairy tale on you, but if you try to stick your hand into Mommy's mouth when she's eating an Oreo, you'll probably lose a finger."
  • "Let's kill piggies!" (In my defense, I was about to play Angry Birds.)
  • "It's a burping, burping, burping song.  A burping, burping, burping song. Burping, burping, burping, burping song..."  (Because singing during unpleasant activities magically makes them fun.  I have songs for bathing, drying off, and snot-sucking as well.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last week, I went treasure hunting with Christina.  We went to three Goodwills and a Salvation Army.  After I had made (what I thought was) my final purchase of the day, I browsed a little while she paid for her items.  I came across two vintage Coca-Cola crates.  For some reason, I felt the need to debate whether or not I should buy them.  They were $4.50 each...what exactly was the dilemma? I'm happy that Christina is an excellent enabler.

Vintage find of the day! #treasurehunting

Here's a peek at my vision for the crates:

My vision for yesterday's find...mind you, the boy doesn't have many choking hazards -- I mean tiny knick-knacks -- yet, so it's still a work in progress.

Have you come across any great finds lately? 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Liam - Week 16

  • Tries to hold his bottle like a big boy.
  • Talks almost non-stop (see this post for proof).
  • Had his first real play date.  Both kiddos crashed before it ever started.  :)
  • Wakes up cooing and talking most mornings.
  • Became mesmerized by mommy's Optimash Prime Mr. Potato Head, and told him his life story while mommy worked on closing-day stuff.
  • Saw Nana and Pa on Sunday.
  • Played catch with Uncle Matt
  • Loves reading Hello, Calico and hearing mommy sing The Song of the Cebu (which she purchased for her new ringtone).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Liam - Week 14 & 15

  • Had his last week at the sitter for the school year.
  • Went Goodwill shopping with Mommy and Christina
  • Stayed with Ashley and Forrest while Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding.
  • Began noticing the TV.  So now we don't watch much TV.  
  • Was very good at the slightly-fancy Italian restaurant, but threw a fit in the more laid back Mexican restaurant.  My boy knows fine dining.  :)
  • Had a couple of great days with the sitter.  He also went to her end-of-year carnival.  He wasn't really ready for games, but he did get an awesome bucket with his name on it, and his first trophy!
  • Loves to grab onto fingers and sit-up.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fashion Diaries: Week 4

I'm playing catch-up on my fashion diaries.  Remember, if you use Instagram, feel free to join in by tagging your pic with #fashiondiaries.

Day 22: The nail polish and the earrings.  Confession: this top looks only looks slightly better on me than it did when I was 16 weeks pregnant.  So we're focusing on the positives. 
#fashiondiaries day 22

Day 23: Handkerchiefs...that's not bad.  Get it?  Snot...handkerchief.  Hee.  You can see my handkerchief-as-an-accessory post over at Little Fashion Diary.
#fashiondiaries day 23

Day 24: Shiny metallic sandals.  I splurged at Target. 
#fashiondiaries day 24

Day 25: Working.  In my lab.  Not my most stylish day, but still worth documenting.
#fashiondiaries day 25

Day 25: BONUS.  To make up for my lack of style, here's a cute vintage dress that Mike's aunt gave me over the weekend. It only needs to be taken in a little at the top.  The pics just don't do it justice. 

Day 26: 95 degrees.  Hot day?  Why not wear a sweater?  I got excited when I found this in my closet...I haven't worn it in forever.  Not sure why I couldn't pick a cooler day for this.  Giving new meaning to fashion victim
#fashiondiaries day 26

Day 27: Hitting up the Goodwill with Christina.  We decided to "sneak" onto the construction site for a new restaurant.  Yep, we're bad apples, that's for sure.
#fashiondiaries day 27

Day 28: The sweet yellow ride...not mine.  The sweet red pin, however, is. 
#fashiondiaries day 28

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fashion Diaries: Week 3

Another week of fashion diaries!  If you use Instagram, feel free to join in by tagging your pic with #fashiondiaries.

Day 15: 80s-lite. It was a cooler day (a rarity at this point), so I decided to break out the sweater.  And skinny jeans.  And heels.  Quite possibly one of my favorite outfits of this project. 
#fashiondiaries day 15

Day 16: Comfy casual.  Perfect for spending a little time in the porch swing.
#fashiondiaries day 16

Day 17: Ready for church.  I'm a little hooked on dresses this summer.  So much so that I even wear them after we get out of Sunday morning service! 
#fashiondiaries day 17

Day 18: The skirt. I found this J Lo skirt at Goodwill the day before, and it's quickly become a favorite!
#fashiondiaries day 18

Day 19: The skirt...again.  Because I believe in multiple wearings in between washing.  Saves water and wear! 
#fashiondiaries day 19

Day 20: Ladies, it's all about the elephant this season.  Since this little guy goes everywhere with my little guy, it's only appropriate he make an appearance. 
#fashiondiaries day 20

Day 21: All a-Twitter.  Love this necklace I won over at Mandie's blog a few months ago.
#fashiondiaries day 21