Monday, March 31, 2008

Boys just don't understand shoes :)

A conversation from last night:

Me: Mike, why are my flip flops in the giveaway pile?
Mike: You haven't worn them in months.
Me: You mean, like, last summer?
Mike: Oh. Yeah. I'll put them back.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where did I go? :)

Nowhere, really. Just busy. Some cool stuff to talk about (and a little to tease you with - -hehe!)
First of all...remember when I told you guys about the cute Skullie stamp that I won? Well, last week I was contacted by Angie Delarie, who makes that awesome stamp (along with several other equally awesome stamps), and she asked me to be on her design team!!! Here's the design team page! I am super, super excited about this opportunity! Here are a couple of things I've done with my skullie stamp:

I have another awesome opportunity in the works -- one that I can't talk about at the moment, but hopefully you'll be hearing about it soon! I can't wait to share my good news! :D

Here are a few layouts I've been working on. I used the March Sweet Spuds kit for most of these.

This is Mike trying on the glasses I wore in high school. Cute, huh? :D

My ode to self-photography:
This is the funny photo from our 5-year college reunion. Notice Lisa's tag...I ordered a few of those from her and I absolutely love using them!

This is inspired by the Entourage application on Facebook. I saw someone else do this, and loved the idea! (Yep -- Lisa's tag again...did I mention they're stitched?)

Now for my daily cards/week in review:

I recieved the cutest package of ribbons from one of the ladies over at SIS. I used the postcard that came with it for the daily card, because how could I NOT use something so vibrant and colorful? :)

I made three trips to McDonald's this weekend...not for the food. I very rarely eat there. Mike and I discovered the Red Box DVD kiosk -- $1 rentals! I saw three movies this weekend...Waitress, Across the Universe, and Dan in Real Life. Waitress was great, Across the Universe had it's brilliant moments, but as an entire piece of work, I didn't care too much for it. Dan in Real Life was pretty good. No regrets when the rental costs one dollar!

I started making felt things this week. I started with flowers...

Then I made owls tonight! I think she's pretty cute!

Have a great day/night, everyone! I will definitely keep up with the blog more this week!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Accentuate the positive...

I've been in a mini-funk lately...job stress, mainly. It's soured my outlook on a lot of things. However, I think next school year will be better because:
  • we start a new schedule -- 50 minute classes that meet every day instead of 90-minute classes that meet every other day. I'm really looking forward to this change!
  • No more building construction!!! No more attempting to talk over big equipment, no more people coming in and out of my room with ladders, etc. All my stuff will be in one place. No more packing!
  • I get my old room back! Right now, we can't do very many projects because of limited space. I looked at "room 207 -- the remix" (new nickname for my room!) this week -- it looks great! I can't wait to get back there and settle in this Fall!

But I have to get through this year first -- 10 more weeks left! After reading Lisa's blog last night, I realized I need to start focusing on the good stuff. I haven't done much of that lately. So here is my list -- it's late, so I'm sure it isn't complete, but it's a start!

  • My hubby is not afraid to clean!
  • I have a great friend who isn't afraid to kick my bloggy-butt into gear! (Thanks, Lisa!)
  • I have an adorable kitten!
  • I haven't had soda since January 31!
  • I actually had something coffee-based today at Starbucks -- raspberry mocha -- and I liked it!!! (I normally go for caramel apple cider or raspberry hot chocolate...I felt adventurous today!)
  • April, my happy mail pal over at SIS, gave me a Maurices gift card a couple of weeks ago. I used it to buy the cutest pink and black top yesterday!
  • I'm sending out April's happy mail this week.
  • I won a cute skullie stamp the other day.
  • I also won this RAK this weekend! (Sharmaine, your comment made me lol! If we ever meet, you totally can!) :D
  • Spring Break is Friday thru Monday!
  • It isn't suppoed to snow this week!
  • I got my first card swap this week -- a St. Patrick's Day swap!
  • I think we're gonna have an election night party in November. We're geeky like that! :D
Gotta get some sleep now. I'm exhausted from all the cleaning and driving I've done today! Have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I miss you, bloggy!

I promise I haven't given up on the vlogging tour...I recorded the living room twice, and was SOOO bored with the results. I'm gonna try to tape in smaller increments this week.

Fun news: I'm going to the SISiversary crop in June!!! I am so excited about this! I get to meet all sorts of new people, take a class, scrap (of course!)...I can't wait!

We went to our church couples retreat in Pigeon Forge last weekend -- it was so much fun. I think we went to every shoe store in town (and PF has tons of outlet stores!). Oddly enough, the search for the perfect shoe was not for me, but for Mike. After two days of looking, he found his perfect pair. I had my camera with me, so I wasn't bored. :) (That's Mike in the brown jacket.)

Starting to feel a little sicky tonight...I'm really hoping not, but I'm sniffly, sneezy, and my eyes are all itchy. Ugh.

March started out with some beautiful weather...then it snowed. Luckily, we were in Tennessee, so we didn't have to deal with much of it! Now we're back to nicer weather!

Oooh, remember the set of gold and black mugs in my kitchen video? I found the matching pitcher! For $.50!!! We were in the Peddler's Mall, and I overlooked it the first time, but Mike wanted me to look at a popcorn popper, and there it was!!! So I made a daily card in honor of it (naturally).

Monday, March 3, 2008

A typed post :)

Interesting news...I think I'm a cat-whisperer. I started making this high-pitched noise by sucking air between my teeth and lower lip, just to see what Lola would do. She goes nuts (in a good way). She gets all over me, and starts purring and nuzzling. She'll lay on my chest and act extra sweet. Total 180 from little-miss-ball-of-energy-who-doesn't-like-to-be-held!

Our church couples' retreat in Pigeon Forge is coming up. I'm so excited -- we really need a getaway!

I'm still working on my apartment tour. I videotaped a couple of rooms...not too happy with them, so I think I'll redo them tomorrow.

Got my scrap on the last two nights. I love 8 1/2 by 11 so much that I bought an album for that size! I'm filling it up rather quickly.

Feeling pretty funky when it comes to the job lately. It's draining. An endless stream of hoops to jump through. I usually get this way during March. Close to the end of the year, but not really close enough. Don't worry, though -- this will pass. It always does.

Okay, now for a fun one! This one makes me happy!

My awesome headband has actually been mistaken for a tiara a time or two! :)

There's also the daily many. Instead of posting them, you can find my album on SIStv here. I have them posted through the 29th.

Speaking of SIStv -- I'm gonna try to sign up for the SISiversary crop in June! Registration is Thursday, and I'm hoping I can get a spot! Keep your fingers crossed for me! It's not too far away (Franklin, TN), and I would love to meet some of the girls from the site!

Well, it's late. I really should get to bed! Have a great day!!!