Friday, March 21, 2008

A new video!

I know, it's about time! :) Welcome to my living room.


Jill Deiling said...

cute living room! I loooove your photography, and you have lots of cute pics. that bee is adorable! :) hehe.
also, thats awesome that youve heard of red! :D I saw them last december (i think it was december) hehe. they were really nice too, came out to talk to their fans and stuff afterwards. i was too much of a chicken to go say hi though, lol. the concert was so fun though! it was funny because hardly anyone else had heard of them, and theyre who i went to go see! they opened for seether, but i was more excited to see them. :)
I hadnt heard of seventh day slumber, but i looked them up and LOVE them! Thank you! im listening to them right now!
i hope you have a great weekend, ill ttyl! :)

Inka said...

i love your new haircut bekka! it looks good. :)
and i´m so happy you´re using the bag. it´s always great to see people use the things you make. :)

Michelle said...

Cute video!! =) Love the haircut, too..lovely!

tania said...

aw, very sweet living room full of memories! Love the little candle you made. Your haircut is great!! Have an amazing Easter weekend.

Amber Risher said...

ok, so you are sooo super cute! I love your hair and your place is so adorable! I love that song you had playing too!

I hope you had a great Easter!!!

Mika said...

Great video. Mika (