Monday, March 3, 2008

A typed post :)

Interesting news...I think I'm a cat-whisperer. I started making this high-pitched noise by sucking air between my teeth and lower lip, just to see what Lola would do. She goes nuts (in a good way). She gets all over me, and starts purring and nuzzling. She'll lay on my chest and act extra sweet. Total 180 from little-miss-ball-of-energy-who-doesn't-like-to-be-held!

Our church couples' retreat in Pigeon Forge is coming up. I'm so excited -- we really need a getaway!

I'm still working on my apartment tour. I videotaped a couple of rooms...not too happy with them, so I think I'll redo them tomorrow.

Got my scrap on the last two nights. I love 8 1/2 by 11 so much that I bought an album for that size! I'm filling it up rather quickly.

Feeling pretty funky when it comes to the job lately. It's draining. An endless stream of hoops to jump through. I usually get this way during March. Close to the end of the year, but not really close enough. Don't worry, though -- this will pass. It always does.

Okay, now for a fun one! This one makes me happy!

My awesome headband has actually been mistaken for a tiara a time or two! :)

There's also the daily many. Instead of posting them, you can find my album on SIStv here. I have them posted through the 29th.

Speaking of SIStv -- I'm gonna try to sign up for the SISiversary crop in June! Registration is Thursday, and I'm hoping I can get a spot! Keep your fingers crossed for me! It's not too far away (Franklin, TN), and I would love to meet some of the girls from the site!

Well, it's late. I really should get to bed! Have a great day!!!


Siany said...

ooh fabbo layouts!! Love the big titles! xx

Sharmaine said...

Oh love LOVe the pages!!!
Sounds like you might need some page refills soon!! It didn't take me long to use up all mine in the 8.5x11 either, love the different sizes!!!
Hope you get to the SIS event, looking forward to hearing all about it!!!

Amber Risher said...

I am so loving all of your new stuff! Your lo's make me smile! Love that awesome headband too! That is too cool that you talk to your cat...I talk to mine too...I think she seriously understands everything I say LOL Have a good one...keep your chin up about work!


Mika said...

Your headband lo is so cool. Love the colours and the tittle. Great work. Mika (

Kristen =) said...

Hi Bekka

I see you all the time on LA and Inka's Blog... I did not know you had a blog. I clicked on your name one time and you did not have a blog listed.

Anyway, I love the layouts (top one is my favorite) they are very fun.

I wish I could sign up for the SISiversary... especially now that i know (kind of ) someone that is going, but i am so broke right now.. :(

Anyway how you get tickets and I am glad I found your blog!

tania said...

ooohhh new layouts! You are such a great scrapbooker Bekka. Love the headband page too!
Hang in there with the last long stretch of school....can't you almost feel summer...almost? if you try really, really hard?

Natalie said...

Love the Jazz hands one. Probably because I took a jazz class on monday. My first one in ten years. Haha. :) Have a good day!

Jill Deiling said...

that's too funny that you're a cat whisperer! hehe. how cute!
I loove your new layouts, just beautiful! You're really good at 8 1/2 x 11s!
I really want to go to the sisaversary in june, but that's when we're moving so I won't be able to this year. :( I hope you have fun!!

Michelle said... the cute pages! I love the tiara and what you did with the mask! Lovely...=)