Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DWS results tonight...Halloween on Friday...

...so a little something fun and gothic (seriously, how often do those two words fit together?) to get you in the mood for Friday! :D Loved this tango a few weeks ago.

Lance was my favorite NSYNCer from back in the day!

The creativity is slowly coming back. I get so overwhelmed with my job that I sometimes don't know how to relax when I come home. But I'm getting there.

I made this address book over the weekend with one of her tags.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I try to think, and my brain say, "Ugh".

Okay, I have to do something creative.
Something fun.
Something for me.

I haven't scrapped (or blogged -- I know) in what seems like forever.
Can't think of anything cute or creative.
My brain is so blah right now.

Any ideas to get me though this dry spell (other than quitting my job and glue-dotting myself to the scrap table)?

On a positive note, I have been running for the last two weeks. I didn't really mean to start...it just sort of happened. But yesterday I ran just short of 2 miles. Never done that before -- go Bekka! :)