Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DWS results tonight...Halloween on Friday...

...so a little something fun and gothic (seriously, how often do those two words fit together?) to get you in the mood for Friday! :D Loved this tango a few weeks ago.

Lance was my favorite NSYNCer from back in the day!

The creativity is slowly coming back. I get so overwhelmed with my job that I sometimes don't know how to relax when I come home. But I'm getting there.

I made this address book over the weekend with one of her tags.


Inka said...

what a cool dance! :)
i love the show, too bad it´s not on here at the moment.
and your address book is also very cute!
btw, i noticed you got your etsy purchases, that´s great. :)

Charin said...

The address book looks so cute! :)
I got those in the mail and was going to start using those too :)

Katie said...

That is super cute!!