Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good things.

  • 4 more days with students!
  • I turned in my portfolio.
  • I finished the work for my grad class.
  • Been spending more time with friends.
  • Three weeks until SISiversary.
  • My passport arrived.
  • I found Scrapblog, and made this.
  • I'm having my photo taken for out Alumnus magazine tomorrow.
  • Mike is out of school, and it's kind of nice having a househusband.
  • I received some awesome art from Debee Campos. More on that in a future post.
  • Mike bought some awesome new t-shirts last weekend.
  • I'm addicted to Martha Stewart punches.
  • The June Studio Calico Kit looks amazing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I'm almost there

Come on, portfolio! Get finished already! I sooooo want to read Eclipse. Mike checked it out for me tonight while I was in class. He's such a sweetie!

Today was Kentucky's primary election. I think this was the first time anyone has paid attention to our primaries, so yay! Usually nominees already have the number of delegates needed by the time it's our turn to vote. I won't say who I voted for, but I will say that I debated about my choice until I stepped into the booth. Hehe -- I love getting the "I Voted" sticker!

Here are some senior photos I took of my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I agreed to be in charge of planning the crafty things for her graduation party. Still trying to figure out how that happened - lol. At the moment the "crafty things" consist of a foam board with photos, and a 4x6 album with photos of her and each guest, with the guest's words of wisdom/advice on the opposite page (got that idea from Scrapbooks, Etc.). Does anyone have any good (easy) ideas for graduation party stuff? Not that I want to take anything else on... :)

Oh, right. Photos. :)

I'll be back to normal very soon. But for now I just can't stare at the computer screen for one more minute. My eyes are all twitchy.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Scrapstars challenge is up!

I forgot to mention that the new Scrapstars challenge is up! The challenge is to make a layout about someone whose name appears in a song title or lyric. Of course, I chose my Lola. :)

I had such a good time tonight! Several of us from our Sunday School class got together because we're going to start meeting for small group study. I was so nice to hang out with all of them! Our Poland trip meeting is tomorrow, so we're getting together with many of the same people again!

And then I'm working on my portfolio. Sigh. It can't all be awesome. I did manage to finish most of the section that introduces the pieces I chose to include. Because it wasn't enough for me to actually write these papers. I am not truly degree-worthy until I regurgitate that which has already been graded.

Kids, don't let anyone fool you: education is a series of portfolios with a sprinkling of teaching.

Yeah, I get slightly bitter at the end of the school year. Bear with me...the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I feel like the mosquito at the nudist colony....

I don't know where to start! :D

I'm super swamped at the moment. Grad class two nights a week (3 1/2 hours each class). A grad portfolio that is due next Friday. End of the year stuff at school. Editing photos for people. Putting together a display for SIL's grad party. Photographing a birthday party next weekend. Designing a group t-shirt for our Poland trip. Starting small groups at church this weekend.

I'm not really complaining. Much of what is on that list are things I want to do. Things just feel crazy right now.

But I really want to scrap.

I promise I'll resurface soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm going places

Today I took my personal day from work. I had important business. Business that can apparently only be taken care of during the hours I am at work.

I applied for a passport.

Yes, this means I'm doing a little traveling this summer...

Mike and I are going to Poland! We'll be on a mission trip, painting a church and doing youth activities! The guy who is organizing the trip has been over several times to work with this church. I'm really excited for several reasons: (1) I've never been outside the States, (2) I've never been on a mission trip, (3) hubs and I have never done any major traveling together. We've been a little worried about the cost, both in terms of money and time, but have prayed about it, and we both feel very at peace with our decision to go. I know this is going to be an amazing opportunity for us!


Last Saturday was National Scrapbook Day! Who else celebrated? I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked -- but that was because my brother was visiting, so that was okay. I did complete three challenges on SIS.

"Bon Appetit" Challenge:

I had to choose items from a menu for a five-course meal. Each of my selections represented an element I had to include on my page. I chose bread (8 1/2 x 11 page), baked potato (three buttons), salmon (pink and grey color scheme), Caesar salad (one flower), cheesecake (two pieces of patterned paper that don't match).

"You Don't Have to Be Married" Wedding Challenge:

Use something old from your stash, something new (you've bought in the last month), something borrowed (from another hobby), and something blue. And the photo had to be black and white (like a wedding gown and tux). I won the drawing for participating in this challenge!

"This Is Why I Rock" Challenge:

I finished this one last night -- long past the deadline. But better late than never. Just a bunch of reasons why I think I rock. (That sounds conceitied, but it really isn't meant to be! We should celebrate the things we like about ourselves!)


This Saturday, my little sister graduates from college! I'm so proud of her! (And Brittany -- if you're reading this, I promise to bring the camera!!!) :D

Thank you.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your messages and prayers regarding the student who was killed. Friday went much better than expected -- his friends are surprisingly resilient. They spent the day raising money for funeral expenses, and remembering him in different ways.

On a related note, I can't stand the local media (both Cincy and Lexington). They're vultures. Their behavior last week was deplorable.


I'll be back tomorrow. Big news.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today was a very tragic day.

This morning we lost a student in a bus accident. Please keep his family in your prayers. Also, please pray for our students -- today was a very difficult day, dealing with a lot of shock. Tomorrow is going to be difficult as well -- as the shock experienced today wears off, the reality of the situation is going to hit home for many of these students.

I had him in class last year -- you couldn't ask for a nicer, more positive young man. Even though he wasn't in any of my classes this year, he still stopped by my room from time to time just to let me know what he was up to. He loved to talk -- I'm going to miss that.

This is such a huge loss for our school and community.