Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I'm almost there

Come on, portfolio! Get finished already! I sooooo want to read Eclipse. Mike checked it out for me tonight while I was in class. He's such a sweetie!

Today was Kentucky's primary election. I think this was the first time anyone has paid attention to our primaries, so yay! Usually nominees already have the number of delegates needed by the time it's our turn to vote. I won't say who I voted for, but I will say that I debated about my choice until I stepped into the booth. Hehe -- I love getting the "I Voted" sticker!

Here are some senior photos I took of my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I agreed to be in charge of planning the crafty things for her graduation party. Still trying to figure out how that happened - lol. At the moment the "crafty things" consist of a foam board with photos, and a 4x6 album with photos of her and each guest, with the guest's words of wisdom/advice on the opposite page (got that idea from Scrapbooks, Etc.). Does anyone have any good (easy) ideas for graduation party stuff? Not that I want to take anything else on... :)

Oh, right. Photos. :)

I'll be back to normal very soon. But for now I just can't stare at the computer screen for one more minute. My eyes are all twitchy.


tania said...

she looks lovely...ideas? does anyone have a polaroid? You could set up a photobooth.

Christina said...

Great senior pics Becca!!! WOW!! I LOVE the second and third ones. Good luck with the graduation thing. You know, if you need little "save the date" reminders for the party, you can use a program called "smilebox". It's made by Hallmark. It would be cute to show everyone her pictures!!

CandiMandi said...

The pics are great! I especially love the second to last one. It's lovely!

Traci said...

i love the black and white one!!

no ideas for you on graduation!!

Jill Deiling said...

beautiful photos, youre such a great photographer! im not sure about the whole graduation party thing... i didnt have one!