Friday, June 17, 2011

Odd things I say to my child - vol. 2

  • "Mommy sings about happy things, like boogers and unicorns."  (While explaining to him that Rihanna's music is not appropriate for little kids.)
  • "It's time for 2nd breakfast...just like the Hobbits!"
  • "Awwww. You look like a Muppet."  (Overheard Mike saying this to Liam one night.)
  • "Not to get all German fairy tale on you, but if you try to stick your hand into Mommy's mouth when she's eating an Oreo, you'll probably lose a finger."
  • "Let's kill piggies!" (In my defense, I was about to play Angry Birds.)
  • "It's a burping, burping, burping song.  A burping, burping, burping song. Burping, burping, burping, burping song..."  (Because singing during unpleasant activities magically makes them fun.  I have songs for bathing, drying off, and snot-sucking as well.)

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EverydayMe said...

can totally relate to the songs... love the snot sucking one... it's amazing how singing can change an icky situation into something bearable... even now I do that with Rainee and she's 7... what does that have to say about the power of silly silly songs... {{hugs}} Michelle