Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am not one of those teachers that owns a horrendous sweater for every holiday.

Still, I did get decked out in my green today. On my terms.

Right down to the eyeshadow. Possibly the best $3 I have ever spent.

And I finished him! Then promptly gave him away at a baby shower. But the main thing is that I finished a crochet project that wasn't a scarf!


Anonymous said...

beautiful eyeshadow!!! :D By the way....I need to give you those brushes!!! Are you on spring break this week?? -Christina <3

Lisa said...

i love green eyeshadow!i wore a crapload today :) loooove that little crocheted guy too!!

McMGrad89 said...

Cute little guy.

I was one of those teachers for a while, but I finally got rid of them all. My mother finally stopped buying them for me too.

Love the eyeshadow. Glad to see you had a fun St. Patrick's Day,

sarah said...

yay for green! hope you had a great st. patty's day! and i LOVE your eye shadow! :)

and your project is too adorable. any chance you'd make another and sell it to .... ummm..... ME! haha.


Jeannine said...

Your little crocheted critter is too adorable. :)

Inka said...

I love your new haircut Bekka! :)
The little crocheted creature looks really cute. hihi. Well done!

owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

very cute little guy who will i am sure be drooled all over with great affection:)

Charin said...

You look so cute! :)
And I *love* that cute little guy that you crocheted, absolutely adorable!