Thursday, January 28, 2010

She gets me.

There aren't many people who know me and truly get me.  I can confidently say that my friend Ashley does. 

On our Bourbon Chase road trip back in October, I introduced the girls to what might possibly be the cutest video on YouTube. Hands down one of my absolute favorites!

The other night, I went over to try out Ashley's treadmill (we're thinking of getting one of our own, but I wanted to make sure I could actually run on one first -- haha), and while I was over there, she gave me this:

Oh yes, she gave each month it's own special caption.  Can you tell that I am ridiculously happy about this?!  :)


Chris said...

Just precious! What super captions or are they cat-tions? Have a great week!

Tiffeney said...


Hanneke said...

That is the cutest EVER!!!! Hahaha love that Youtube and the calender is COOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute is that.