Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The one where I steal from my sister's facebook.

My sister (who has been out for snow days for the last week and a half and has had far more time on her hands thatn I have) posted some childhood pictures of us on her Facebook yesterday. So, like a good sister, I borrowed them from her. Like I would if she had an awesome sweater. :)

Easter morning...for some reason, I seem to be winking and showing a little leg in this one. Not quite sure what I was thinking...

Okay, TAAFOMFT girls -- remember what I told you about my "poodle bangs"? I think they make and appearance in this photo. :)

Puppies! And one of my fave 80s shirts!

Us. In a tent. Eating something messy.

I think my little sis is pretty cute in this one.

Oh dear. That shirt. And those matching shorts.

My great aunt Sally, sister, brother, and some seriously giant teddy bears that she brought us. (They totally matched our bedroom!)

Some snoozy time with my little sister.

I think this was at my Ma's house. I had forgotten all about that cute stuffed baby turtle.

And one with my cousin and his wife (but I think she was still his girlfriend in this photo).

Thanks for taking this little walk down memory lane with me! This makes me want to take the scanner with me next time I go home. In fact, I think I will.


Hanneke said...

Hehe, love the poodle bangs!!! Great photo's, isn't it great to see those back and remember those days!! And you do look like a little diva at the first one!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

sarah said...

gosh, i love old photos!!!! :) i totally love the one where you are being a lil sassy gal! haha... showing leg.... tsk tsk! ;)

and the poodle bangs!! you totally knew how to rock that style. lol ;)


amy lapi said...

omg SO cute. i love you guys.