Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adventures in Christmas - Bob Evans and Christmas with the in-laws

Note:  I'm not finished blogging about Christmas.  At this rate, expect to see these posts through July.  :)

I wanted to share some photos from Christmas with Mike's family.  Every year, we have dinner at Bob Evans (correction: the orignal Bob Evans). 

It snowed that day, and it made for a pretty picture.

This year we switched up tradition a little, and waited until the next day to open gifts. 

We also caught a play at the local theater, The Rednecks Undo Christmas.  (I went, as much as I dispise words like redneck.)  As it turns out, I have a cousin who was in the production.  He's the one in the pink dress, and one of the bright spots in the production.  His wife also works at the theater (that's the two of them in the last photo).  It was interesting to see my family members while visiting Mike's family. 


Hanneke said...

Great pics, looks like a fun Christmas!!! And your cousin is looking so pretty in his dress!!!

deana said...

Was it planned that everyone looked unhappy to be at Bob Evans? LOL... how funny!

Fun photos... you are too cute, Bekka!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

amy lapi said...

sounds like funnnn. :) second to last pic is cracking me up