Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Collections. And a few other things.

Lately, I've noticed several bloggers sharing their collections, so I decided to join in on the fun! 

I am so excited about Toy Story 3!  Mainly because of these little guys -- they might be my favorite part of the first two movies!  Oooo-ooooo-ooooh.  :)

I'm rediscoving my affection for nail polish.  I had a nice collection when I was in high school, but since then I've only occasionally cared about my nails.  But I just think the new colors I purchased recently are the bee's knees.  (Nevermind.  That expression is best left in the past.)

I'm starting an old camera collection.  My parents gave me the Kodak Brownie Bullet on the left last Christmas, and I found the Polaroid on the right earlier this month.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more.

Buttons!  I don't need to say much more, except that my purple button jar needs some serious filling.

And of course, I have a jar of my Ma's (my grandma's) buttons.  They will forever stay separated from the lesser (albeit larger) button collection.  I'm starting my own collection of nifty buttons that I've come across.  I'll share that with you sometime in the future.

My powder boxes...I collected these during the late college-first year of teaching phase of my life.  But I still keep my eyes open for any pretty ones I might come across.

And someday I'll have to share with you my Melmac dish collection.  I have a couple of very cute sets that are currently at my parents' house...I should to bring them home soon.  (I'm sure my Mom is in agreement -- haha!)

Oh, before I forget -- you still have a few days left to participate in the current challenge over at TAAFOMFT -- favorite scent/aroma.  We'd love to see your layout/project!

And, my friend Sarah is hosting a fun giveaway over at her blog!  Go check it out!

And finally, I wanted to update you on my no-soda progress for Tuesday.  The day started out with a headache -- probably a combo of quitting soda and the front that moved through last night and started messing with my sinuses.  Oh, and I wanted a Dr. Pepper.  Badly.  It was helpful that I was home for a snow day, because there was no soda in the house.  (Well, unless you count that open can of Dr. Pepper that been in the fridge for over a week.  Even I'm not that desperate.  Still, I should probably empty it anyway, if for no other reason than to give you the impression that I do occasionally clean out the fridge.)  Thanks for the supportive comments yesterday -- you're a great accountability partner!  I do not want to have to report to you guys that I broke down and had a soda, so you're definitely keeping me in line.  :)

PS -- I fixed the post from Sunday!  Now it actually makes sense. 


Melonie said...

Totally excited about Toy Story 3!!
Loved this peek at your collections...and you can totally do this soda thing!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks for sharing your collections...I always love seeing these!!!!

So excited about Toy Story 3!!!

Have a great one!!!

Chris said...

Love your collections - my purple and orange button jars are the least fun - how many people really wear much purple or orange clothing? Love your powder containers. Have a great week!

Hanneke said...

WOW love your collections they are great!!!
hang in there with the no soda, you can do it!!!!!

Amy Muffoletto said...

I am in love with your very unique collections...It is a funny thing for me because I grew up collecting things for my grandma. She has so many collections I lost count but when ever we went shopping I always would look to find things for her collections. Now recently I am collecting things of my own......Birdhouses, Milk caps, old advertisement cards and vintage school books. I love a good antique mall. SO much to see.

I hear ya on the soda...I really do not drink it much but 3 weeks ago I gave up drinking Chick Fil A sweet tea. It was not so easy but I am getting thru it. I would go to Chick Fil A 3 or 4 times a day for a large tea....It is right around the corner from my house. I freed up a lot of time in my day giving it up. Good luck to you. It gets easier.

Anonymous said...

I will help you get your Melmac dishes when the weather warms up. You basketball card collection and maybe your plastic canvas doll house should go with you to. The doll house would be great to photograph!

deana said...

Sorry to hear about the headache, but glad to hear you haven't caved. You can do it, Bekka!

CUTE collections! So fun & colorful! :-)