Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stuff I've been up to...

Just wanted to share a little bit of what I've been doing over the last few days.
Besides teaching, of course. :)

Thursday's card.

Friday's card. I started an architecture unit with my tech design class -- we looked at roof styles today. This is the time of year I obsessively point out roof styles while we're driving. :) And I forgot to put the date on this one. Don't worry, though -- I've already fixed it. :)

Remember that time I saw Juno? :) I scrapped a quote from the movie. This will probably not be the last Juno-inspired page you'll see from me.

And after several nights of raiding my scrap table and sleeping in my storage drawers, Lola finally has her own layout!

And Veronica has challenged me to do the 365 (well, 366) challenge with her. I'm going to start tomorrow. I like the idea of daily self portraits, but since I don't feel like taking those every single day, I'm going to leave this wide open!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

she challenged YOU but you better keep on HER to do it! lol!! she gave up on the daily cards, so i'm just saying. haha i kid i kid, she knows i love her!

love the juno page!

tania said...

Lola is adorable...i went to see Juno the other night but it was sold out...gonna try again this week.