Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I heart snow.

So, I was supposed to go back to work today. But it snowed! Most of the schools in the area were cancelled, including mine! I still got up at 5 am, anyway (I was already awake, hoping for the phone call) . I scrapped for a little while. Here's what I came up with:

This is a photo of my boss when I worked in the tech department back in college. She was such an influence on me...kind of a "mom" away from home.

I finished this one last night. Mike and I started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program back in March. It's really helped up pay off a lot of debt (we actually expect to be debt free this month!), and just generally get out finances in order. One big thing for me was realizing that I needed to cut up my credit card. I am a person who, if I'm not careful, can rack up a bunch of little stupid purchases. Without my credit card, I have to recognize my limits. A very good thing for me!

Here are my daily cards for the first two days of the year:

And I've already missed taking my daily photo yesterday! Yeesh.

Oooh...I finally got to see Juno last night! Loved it!


Lisa said...

love that you're doing daily cards! how did you like juno?? i loved it, but wanted to punch the rock band husband in the balls. he was a creepster.

Lisa said...

i just got your package today!!! thanks so much for the adorable ornament!! it will definitely go on the tree next year :) and thanks for the extra goodies, you are the bestest!!

tania said...

i love the scrap pages you made. Did the program really help? Owen and I have alot of debt that often weighs heavy on us.

Ronda P. said...

ohh so cute! Love SNOW days! Excuses to stay indoors and just veg!

Rock'nmama said...

I want to see that movie!

I love that LOand pic of you (financial peace) LOVE IT!!

I loved my cute too!! I was SO excited to get it!

Christina C. said...

cuuute. love those layouts.

also, awesome cards