Thursday, January 24, 2008

"I'm picking out a thermos for you..."

Watching The Jerk right now. If you haven't seen it, the title may not make sense. If you haven't seen it in awhile, it still might not make sense. :)

School was cancelled today. Totally unexpected. I have a feeling the school year won't end until sometime in June! It's okay, because I like winter a lot more than I like summer! :) I had already scheduled to take today off, so at least I didn't have to use one of my sick days.

So I took today off to make my rounds through the medical community:

  • 9:10 am - The general practice doctor. I've been having pain in one of my leg joints...turns out it's a strained muscle. So now I have some daily exercises to do for the next few weeks.
  • 1:30 - The vet. Lola had to get her rabies vaccination. Poor thing -- I really think she smelled "animals" all over the room, and knew that she was the reason we were there. She just had that look about her. She was a trooper, though -- two shots. She's been laying around all evening, soaking up the attention.
  • 2:30 - The dentist. The filling behind one of my front teeth fell out. They numbed me -- ugh! My gums are so tender. Somehow, I don't get to lay around the house, soaking up attention. lol
After the dentist, I walked down the street to the new fabric store in town! Such cute stuff. I picked out a few buttons, and went to the desk to pay for them. I was told to go through the connecting door to the hardware store to pay. So I had to take this photo:


Lisa said...

aw you poor girls!! well at least it sounds like everything is ok though! thats good.

i love going to fabric stores. *sigh* having too many hobbies is such a burden! lol! don't have enough money to go around!!

Inka said...

you´re lucky to have a new fabric store in your neighbourhood. we only have one here where i live and other one a bit further.
i hope it was a good store! :)

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the dentist, dr and lola's shots!!
have u been to the fabric store in pike street? i think it is run by the amish.


Veronica said...

Aww I hate the dentist. The last check-up I had was last year and I just about cired when they said I had no cavities. Seems like I always have at least one. I'm a flossing fool too. ugh!