Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Think snowy thoughts for me

We have the potential for some snow tonight. Not a lot of snow, but snow that is well-timed. (Punctual snow?) The kind that accumulates just before the buses get out on the roads, and then gets all mushy around 10:00. So, I am now accepting all forms of snow vibes. :) Sigh. I heart snow.
I promise I'll take photos to share!

A snow day would make writing my paper so much less stressful (although I'm blogging right now, so how stressed can I really be?) I have to admit that it is proving to be a fairly simple paper to write. I took my online test tonight -- got a 90% -- GO BESS! :)

I wanted to share some photos of something I received Thanksgiving weekend. I know I've been going on about Ma a lot lately. Since Thanksgiving, she's been on my mind quite a bit. But the past couple of days, I've managed to think about her and smile, instead of getting sad. Anyway, Ma, being quite the seamstress, saved all her old buttons.

Inka, brace yourself! :)

There are some really cute, retro ones in there. And isn't that lemonade jar adorable?

Lol -- I have to share this. Right now, I'm watching an early Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You know the Thanksgiving edition where Jay shows the highlights of a mock parade route. To give you an idea of long ago this show was taped, the highlights include Judge Lance Ito on a sleigh, a special appearance by Joey Lawrence (and his hair), and a Bill Clinton joke that involve his love for Big Macs -- no Monica Lewinski references (I forgot that was possible)!

I should probably call it a night -- just in case the snow doesn't come!


Inka said...

buttons buttons. :)
they are cute!! and the jar sure is cute as well. is it old?

Christina said...

I love love love those buttons! And the lemon jar is so pretty! This week is so depressing outside-rain and snow! Maybe you all can have a few snow days!!!

Bekka said...

I'm not sure how old the jar is...I think it has a 60s look to it. I'm pretty sure she had it for quite awhile.