Monday, December 3, 2007

Deck the halls with fuzzy kittens...

Here are photos of a few of our Christmas decorations. No tree photo yet...I need to straighten the living room first. :)

This is the nativity scene I made a couple of years ago with some tiny flower pots and large wooden beads.

I gave these cute little mice to Ma a couple of Christmases ago. They sing. :) She really enjoyed them. Mom gave them to me at Thanksgiving.

The Santa hat on the clock was Mike's idea -- he's brilliant! But he took this down last night. If I could reach it, I would totally put it back up there! :)

Incredibly life-like, isn't it? Yep, she's real and her name is Lola (because we are fans of the movie, Run Lola Run). Another kitten found in my classroom (seriously, who finds kittens in their classroom?) I knew about Lola being in my room for a couple of weeks, but said nothing because I didn't want anyone whisking her away like they did to the other kitty (who is doing quite well, btw). I kept her secret as long as I could so she could be with her momma, but one weekend she found her voice, and made everyone aware of her presence that Monday. As much as it pained me to take her away, my classroom was no longer a safe place at that point. Right now, we're treating this as a rescue (because I'm allergic, but thanks to the miracle of modern science, no big problems so far). She's growing on us every day. I think she's a keeper!

Lola must think she is part of the decor...she spends a lot of time under the tree! Waiting for Santa, perhaps?

Found out about this site tonight. If you guys try this, please leave a link in the comments below -- I would love to see your results. Pretty happy with mine, except that Mike is no fan of Katie Couric - lol! This was so much fun!

Lisa, we must both have blogging on the brain...I was writing this when you emailed! :)


Lisa said...

hehe great minds think alike!!

ok and OMG what a precious little thing!! can i keep her?? lol i'm a big fan of cats. so glad she's in a good place though, she's simply adorable!!! my goodness that picture makes my heart melt!

that santa hat idea is a good one!! tell mike i am stealing his idea! lol

happy monday chickie! :)

Christina said...

Awesome blog Bekka!!!

First-you look just like Katie Couric! Wow!

Secondly...your decorations are soooo it's time for the tree!! haha

Lastly, the photo of your kitten is sooo adorable!! Did you take that? And I love the movie Run Lola Run! It's German!! haha-get movie taste, I must say!

Christina said...

I meant "good movie taste"... you don't have to "get" anything!! ah...sometimes I wonder how I function in college...

Bekka said...

Christina, we all know you meant to say "gut". There you go, switching into German mode! :)

Yeah, I took the photo of Lola. It took so many tries. I can't use the flash with her -- she looks so funny! And we can all imagine how easy to get an indoor photo of a squirmy kitten without a flash!

Lisa said...

ohhh you're looking to knit? well i really don't know how easy it is to learn from a book....i learned from my aunt and i just taught my friend yesterday and she said she's tried to learn from books and never gotten it, but she picked it up in minutes when i showed her. so hey, you could come visit and i'll teach you! lol! but there's quit a few knitting books out there. one i've had my eye on recently is called "domaknitrix" but i'm hearing it's more for intermediate and not beginners. sorry i'm not much help! good luck!