Thursday, December 20, 2007

I feel like Oprah...

...because you get a tree, and you get a tree, and you get a tree! :)

If you signed up for the RAK, just send me your address ( I never intended to do a were all going to get one! I don't know if I will get these out before I start traveling (Saturday morning), but I will certainly try!

Thanks for all your get-well wishes. I started feeling much better this afternoon. I didn't feel so well this morning -- stomach cramps from not eating. I'm always so afraid to start eating after going though something like this. Today I ate my usual "get well" food -- cracker dumplings. Basically, saltines soaked in chicken broth. Simple, but oh-so-good for a recovery!

Mike just called to ask if I would mind if he brought home a pizza. I am one happy girl right now! :)


J Lizzie said...

glad you're feeling better! upset tummys are no fun! enjoy the pizza :)

Christina said...

I'm confused...what's RAK? I'm really glad you're feeling better...being sick over Christmas break is not fun!!!

Bekka said...

Christina - RAK is a random act of kindness, sometimes what we call giveaways on blogs. Although mine was a little less than random, I guess. Purposeful act of kindness, perhaps? :)

Lisa said...

glad to hear you're getting better! just in time! lol

and you are so sweet for sending out those trees to everyone! i'm sending you my addy right now!

Rock'nmama said...

I don't have your email address. Here's mine :)

Freckled Nest said...

lol... you getta tree, you getta tree, I gotta tree :)

thankyou SO much Bex! It's adorable!!!!!!

what a nice surprise!! i of COURSE love it...BUTTONS! :)

you should do my SP contest...shh, it's a button related prize ;)