Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas shopping!

I did a little Christmas shopping last night, now that I actually have time! My friend Sarah has a very nice employee discount at Cracker Barrel, and invited our Sunday School class to help her use it. I found a few ornaments (including the sweet sock monkey below), and a few gifts. I found my sister's gift at another store(not saying where, just in case she reads this). My brother's gift shipped yesterday. Now, I just have to shop for my parents and my husband (Mike takes care of the shoppin for his side of the family). I'm stumped. I can think of several things for Mike, but he's so insistant that he doesn't need anything that I always second guess myself. Maybe I'll do some more shopping (or at least browsing) today, since I have the day off.

Oh, yeah. Today was another snow day. I would show some lovely photos, but they look like the ones I posted on Wednesday. Only with more rain.


kristin.kaye said...

Love the Sock Monkey. Its sooo cute. Monkeys are my favorite animal! And yes you can add me to your list. I really enjoy doing this. Lets me wanna take new pictures and post em. Got me a new camera wanna see if i can do as good as you do.

Lisa said...

i love sock monkeys!!

Rock'nmama said...

I so want a monkey!!