Saturday, December 8, 2007

A little 80s toy nostalgia

My Barbie and the Rockers post from last night got me thinking about some of my other favorite toys from the 80s. Here are some that I either had, or really wanted from back in the day!

Fluppy Dogs - They were so cute! I had the purple one. Actually, I think this one is still at my parent's house.

Rose Petal Place - I had forgotten about this one until recently.

Charmkins - This was one I played with a lot! From what I remember, they smelled very nice when they first came out of the package.

Secret Keypers - I had the snail. These were pretty cool, and I was really into snails and bugs around the time they came out.

Seawees -- the ultimate bathtime toy for me!

Mr. Men and Little Miss - Okay, so I just bought a t-shirt with Little Miss Trouble a few months ago! My mom just came across these books the other day. Loved them as a kid! And I just looked at the website -- they'll be on Cartoon Network in Feb. 2008! I'm pretty sure I'll still prefer the books, though.

A few others toys from the era that were pretty cool:
Get Along Gang
Shirt Tails
Wuzzles - Didn't really get into the Wuzzles, but my first backpack had wings and antennae.

I know there are gaps in my list. Feel free to post and fill them in!

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Christina said...

This is so bad of me to say this, but I don't recognize ANY of those toys!!! haha...