Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow, coffee, fave memory, and some giveaways!

Another snow day!  I'm so thankful I didn't have to drive in this weather -- we had a bit of a white-out this morning.  I'm hoping everyone made it safely to work if they had to go.  It's calmed down a lot since this morning.  I'll give you a weather report tomorrow, after the wind has totally calmed down.

This weekend, we got to catch up with one of our favorite former students.  (Well, technically one of Mike's, since she was never my student...but I got to know her quite well, since she ran cross country when Mike coached).  Janey has been studying in Germany since Fall, and she's back in Kentucky through February.  We had such a great time going out for coffee at Common Grounds on Saturday (if you're ever in Lexington, go there -- great coffeehouse atmosphere) and hearing all about her experiences abroad.  We were treated to some truly hilarious photos from her trip.  Words don't do them justice.  We can't wait until she's back for good in July!

Okay, I'm going to brag now:  As of today, I have been soda-free for three weeks!!!  I'm really not trying to toot my own horn (but it's my blog and I can) :) , but I'm very proud of doing this!  Because, honestly, I thought it would be a struggle to make it through the first week.  But, as it turns out, I hardly want it any more.  Occasionally yes, I crave, but I haven't given in.  I thought going out to eat would be a struggle, but it's been very easy to order a bottle water instead of going for the soft drink!  I'm a girl who loves flavor in my beverages, so I do drink a little lemonade (Simply Lemonade is soooo good), Lifewater (when it's on sale), and I need to break out the tea again -- I love sticking a bag of flavored tea into my water -- tastes very good, even cold.  But, anyway, I hadn't updated you guys in awhile, so I wanted you to know that I'm still on my best behavior! 

The new TAAFOMFT challenge is up today:  tell us your favorite memory!  I chose our wedding, because really, I had been planning on writing down all the little memories since...well...2004.  So what better time than now, right?  I typed out the journaling for you, because parts of the pic are a little fuzzy.

The way you helped me with my dress after we lit the unity candle.  The cake that nearly fell over.  A pizza roll picnic on the floor of the nursery with my bridesmaids.  Doing the "mental picture" thing long before Jim & Pam did on The Office.  Seeing my dad in a tux for the first time.  Realizing that, no, we wouldn't get to eat at our own wedding.  Accidentally catching a glimpse of you in your tux a few minutes before the ceremony.  My Uncle Greg sitting on your side of the aisle.  Almost losing my dress when your aunt stepped on it.  The most awesome wedding buffet ever, prepared by family.  My near-breakdown when the photocopier wouldn't cooperate.  Being told "do that again" the the photographer (I guess we were cute!).  :)  Knowing without a doubt we had made a great decision.

Also, head over to TAAFOMFT for a giveaway from Amy -- she has generously decided to give away 5 prize packs to the people who comment on her post!  And she wrote the nicest thank you to those of you who have particpated in our challenges, or even just keep up with our posts!  You have until the 19th to enter -- if you've never participated with us, this would be a great time to head on over and introduce yourself! 

Also, Sarah wants you to know that there is another great giveaway going on at the Kiki Art blog.  Head over there and leave some love!

Have a fantastic Monday, everyone!


deana said...

I ♥ your journaling on your FAV MEMORY LO & of course, the photo is simply adorable!

Yay, Bekka, for no soda! You rock!

Have a great week! :-)

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Aw, such sweet memories. I love it.

Also, congrats on the soda!!

JessiW said...

Great journaling on that layout!! And I love that you are doing so well with the soft drink thing...I've been off the mt. dew, but I think the main reason is b/c I have been sick, but maybe it's a good thing that it tastes nasty to me now:) Hopefully that taste will stick, so I don't go back to it! Love, Jess

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that journaling on the lo...and love love love love those photos of your friend...toooooooooooooo cute!!! and congrats on the no soda! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Nicole Renee said...

Love your layout, and your pictures!