Saturday, February 13, 2010

My 5 favorite crushes through the years.

While I will reserve space for my beloved on my Valentine's Day post, I will dedicate the day before to the celeb (and fictional) crushes I've had through the years.  Please keep in mind, I was never the girl who bought Tiger Beat and stuck pictures of cute celeb crushes on my wall.  I didn't have too many crushes, and there are even fewer crushes that I'll admit to.  Keep in mind that I'm an offbeat will see no Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Justin Timberlake on this list. 

So, here are my five faves ("Why only five?" you ask.  Because that's all I could come up with.)  :)
1. Gus Pike.  Back in the day, I loved watching Road to Avonlea.  I think we subscribed to the Disney Channel just for that show.  Best part?  Gus Pike (played by Michael Mahonen), without a doubt.  Sweet, awkward, adorable Gus Pike. 

2. Jimmy Fallon.  This was the big crush in college.  Adorable, goofy, and hilarious.  And oddly enough he looks a little like Michael Mahonen.  Hmmm...

Oh, and Sarah, I picked out this clip especially for you!  :)

3. Brad Paisley.  I think this one started in high school. He's adorable, and is an awesome singer/songwriter.  And good for him for marrying the equally adorable Kimberly Williams! 

4. Shawn Hunter.  Boy Meets World was such a great show.  Also, the closest I ever came to crushing on the rebelious boy.  :) 

5. Lance Bass.  See, I said you wouldn't see Justin Timberlake on the list.  But, being the offbeat gal, I naturally go for the least popular member of NSYNC (and, perhaps not so coincidentally, the one who at least seemed the least arrogant).  (And yes, I know.)  Anyway, here's my favorite Lance moment:

Okay, now I really want to hear about your crushes.  Come on -- fess up!  :)

P.S. - I'll start by telling you Mike's big crush:  Bebe Neuwirth (a.k.a. Lillith from Cheers and Frasier).  That statement alone deserves its own post...  :)


sarah said...

what a lil butthead you are! HAHAHA. jk! =P

out of all the things you could've picked... it had to be martha, huh?! ;)

anyway, hope you and hubby have a wonderful vday!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said... think it is soooooooooooooooooooooo flippin' funny u chose the "martha" clip in honor of sarah....and *sigh* i am one of the biggest brad fans and that is my all time FAVE video of his.....i always get a tear when I see scott hamilton (loveeeeeeeeee him!) and dale sr's photo (for adam of course!! lol!) and hehehehehehehehehe.....U "know" and yet U still crush love u!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Bekka said...

Sarah, watch the clip. It will make you dislike her even more...she won't let him be funny, she just keeps forcing him to eat so she can talk about food (boring)! Grrr...


Hanneke said...

WOW, don't know a single one of them!! :( They look great, but I have no idea!! I do know Justin Timberlake though!!!

Mika said...

Great post, Mika (

Melonie said...

LOL! Love this post. Totally in love with Brad Paisley and his music...he could check me for ticks anytime...oh no I didn't. Hope you are having a super Valentines Day.

deana said...

Bebe Neuwirth? Interesting...