Monday, October 29, 2007

I was tagged!

So I was tagged by Danielle...which is cool since I've never been tagged before! So, the deal is, answer these six questions, and tag six goes:

1. If you could have the last hour prior to reading this tag again, what would you do differently? I would have spent less time talking so I could have gotten home earlier, before Mike went to sleep.

2. You can go back in time for exactly one hour, where and at what time in history would you go? Civil War era to watch John Hunt Morgan on one of his raids. Why? So the next time my history-luvin' husband started talking about him, I could say, "Yeah, I was there." :)

3.You have one hour to make a handmade item, what would you make?
Something from plastic canvas (yeah, I totall rocked the plastic canvas back in the day...) :)

4.If you cold lose one bad habit, what would it be?

5.In less than sixty words, describe your perfect Sunday night.
Actually, last night was pretty close. Mike and I went to the Arboretum, and when we got home, we watched our favorite episodes of The Office. I love spending time with him!

6. List sixty things you could do with that extra hour (after time change).
scrapbook, hang out with Mike, grade assignments, try a new recipe, take photos, clean the apartment, download music, play "shut the box", read next week's Sunday School lesson, go to Starbucks, watch The Office, catch up on lesson plans, call a friend, play around with photoshop, sleep, work on our budget, organize...and if I list anymore, I'll be using that hour! :)

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Freckled Nest said...

lol, i'm gettin tag bombarded. are these the chain letter of the 2000's? lol. thanks for thinking of me. maybe i'll combined all the tag topics into a mass tag answer thing? we'll see ;)
LA :)

*danielle* said...

i thought of that too! chain letters of a new era! ...hehe... loved reading your thoughts Bekka! have a great day! :)

Christina said...

You went to the Arboretum and you didn't even stop by?!?! I live about three minutes from there!! Maybe next time. :)

Bekka said...

Christina -- I had no idea you lived that close!!! Believe it or not, that was actually the first time I had been there! I'm excited to see what it looks like in the spring. We have to go Arboretum-ing someday. Yep...totally made that word up! :)

Leigh-Ann -- chain letters! lol! I just can't promise good fortune or a curse depending on what you do with it. :)