Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rainy days...

It's been raining since yesterday afternoon. The grass actually looks green! Yay!
I don't like driving in this weather, but we needed rain so badly that I don't mind.

Oh, before I forget...this is post #50!

Finally. :)

Time to celebrate with a giveaway! I love to play buttons and stickles (glitter glue), so I made a bunch of stickled embellishments as the prize. Blogger seems to be a bit weird about showing photos, so I hope these show up!

Just leave your name in the comments below and, just for fun, tell me what you like to do on rainy days. I'll randomly choose a winner in a couple of days!

For the record, I always get the urge to make soup when it rains. Yesterday I made chili. Tonight I'm eating the leftovers.


Sharmaine said...

Wow, very creative!! On rainy days I would love to snuggle and watch a movie but with kids it is more like pull out board games and have fun that way!

tania said...

rainy days = tea, lots of tea and a good book or new magazine or watching Lost with Owen. Rainy days also makes me want to take pictures of little people with rubber boots jumping in puddles...

Anonymous said...

On a rainy day to be honest i would love to go out in the streets and play in the rain. Sounds fun right? But in reality i dont do that i just stay home and watch tv, play with my kids, play on the computer, oh and kick you butt in rock paper and scissors. !!

Kristin Collins

Christina said...

How fun Bekka!! So on rainy days I love to take pictures! (most times) I am so paranoid my camera is going to get wet. This one time, I cut up rubber gloves (the kind you clean with)and taped the pieces all over my camera with electric tape! It looked like a sad yellow duck when I got finished with it-but it was awesome! It's raining right now...and I'm enjoying it by sipping some Boyd Orchard apple cider and reading your blog!!

Freckled Nest said...

a) i love the the song on your blog!
b) my favorite rainy day... stay in bed with Tyson all day and tickle, play fight, cuddle, talk, love, you know...bed stuff, haha.
am i allowed to say that?
great contest Bekka!! congrats on 50!!! :)
as a kid on rainy days, I liked to go save the worms. I felt personally responsible to make sure all the worms on my street (my world) didn't drowned in the puddles.

Ronda P. said...

Those are so awesome. I love rainy days. I love getting a book, my afgan (the last one my grandma made before she passed away), and a cup of tea. Sometimes I just get the magazines that I need to catch up on. I think of it as my down time!

Inka said...

great buttons bekka! you´re very creative. :)
on my rainy days, i like to be at home, sit on the sofa and hear the rain dropping to the roof or windows.

Jenny Hyatt said...

Rainy days are all about a good roof and a good book. I love to listen as the rain falls down almost in a rhythm on my 75 yr. old roof. (The only thing better would be a tin roof:) It soothes my soul and restores me.
Sometimes it puts me in the mood to be lost in another time. In this case I grab my collector’s DVD set of BBC's Pride and Prejudice and dream myself into those hopelessly romantic days. It makes me melancholy for I love to see the happy ending for Darcy and Elizabeth but bemoan the fact that my story doesn’t have the fairytale magic. Bless/Darn those rainy days!

Lisa said...

Cute buttons!

Well honestly rain doesn't really stop me, but for the most part rain = reading and hot choco :)