Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun things always come at just the right time...

I got a fun package in the mail today from Inka!!! (Definietly check out her blog!) I decided to wait until I got home from my grad class tonight to open it. (I had to photograph everything!) Since Mike is out of town, I took all the pictures myself -- they might be a little blurry. So far, I've tried the milk chocolate bar -- Finnish chocolate is wonderful!!! I'm going to save the rest to share with Mike when he gets home tomorrow night.

And check out that sweet bag -- that button is even cuter in real life! :)

It came at the right time -- rough day at work (nothing affecting me personally -- just had to deal with an outburst of teenage male pride/angst/poor decision-making in my classroom today, and it shook me up a bit).

Thank you, Inka, for the fun mail that made my day! :)


Inka said...

yay! you got it. :)
i´m happy you liked everything!

Christina said...

Fun! I love the journals...especially the dancing one! Very creative!! And the gift looks awesome too! I've never seen those types of candy bars though...are they special?

tania said...

ummm, chocolate is very therapeutic after encounter with teenage boy angst and behavior - i keep an emergency stash!!!

Inka said...

did mike liked the chocolate?
or did you left any for him? ;)