Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not as busy as I thought I would be.

My LSS postponed my scrapbook class for this Saturday. :( The materials for the class did not arrive on time. On the plus side, I can sleep in.

I can't wait to visit my brother tomorrow! I hope Zack has enough time in between classes to say hi! If not, I'm more than happy to wander around campus with my camera.

While I'm on campus, I will be taking my car in for a tune-up. It needs one. I never thought I would consider taking my car to a mechanic who is located over an hour away, but he is that good. And he's trustworthy -- totally worth the drive (or occasional tow -- thank goodness for AAA!)

Oh, here's something fun and unexpected -- my friend Jenny invited me to her 25th birthday sleepover! How much fun is that going to be?! She said she never had one as a kid, so she decided to go all out for her 25th! I'm so excited -- it's been a good decade or so since I've been to a sleepover!

It's almost time for The Office -- I'll write again soon. I'll leave you with another fall pic -- this one is from last year's Sunday School trip to the pumpkin patch!

At the pumpkin patch

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