Sunday, October 21, 2007

And now for tonight's REAL post...

My car is tuned up, my brother has been visited, and my LSS class has been postponed until next Saturday. Can I just say that my weekend has been fantastic? Because it has.

First of all, I got to see my little brother on Friday. He's sporting the scruffy look -- a true college student! :)

And I got to see colorful leaves!!! I've been missing out on that around here -- the weather has been so hot and dry it's really messed with the leaves -- they've gone straight to the "falling off trees" phase.

Last night, Mike and I got to hang out with the awesome Amanda and Jed. We all went to college at the same time, but never got to know each other. Mike and Amanda now work in the same district, and got to know each other during last week's Williamsburg trip. They cooked homemade spaetzle -- yummy! It was so much fun to reminisce about common experiences from college, and to get to know another childless, married couple our age. (Our numbers seem to be dwindling!) No pictures from this event -- I hate to freak people out too soon with my obsessive photo habits! :)

However, I more than made up for last night's lack of photos this morning. Derek and Jeannine totally get that my camera is an attached to me! We went to the pumpkin patch with D & J, along with J's brother and sister. Here is our haul:

(I like to call this one "the one that didn't get away") :D

Here is Mike with our pumpkin! Can't wait to start carving tomorrow!

I'm excited -- we have another trip to another pumpkin patch tomorrow, which of course means more photos!


Inka said...

your brother looks like justin timberlake! :)
i´m glad you´ve had a good time this weekend and i can´t wait to see your pumpkin ready!!

and also, thanks for all the nice comments you´ve wrote on my blog. makes me smile. :)

Sharmaine said...

ok, reading your blog after seeing you this is me page saying you want more people to read your blog ;) AND I am bookmarking it so I will be back!!!
Have a fun week :)

tania said...

hi Bekka - thanks for the comments you leave on my blog so often...leave me your email sometime and then i can say a proper hello

Christina said...

Sounds like you had such a fun weekend!! Yay...I love the fall time!! Oh, just a tip when you carve your pumpkin-when you cut the top off, smear it with ground cinnamon. When you put it back on with that candle inside, it will make the whole room smell amazing!!