Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glucose test and 100Joys

Tomorrow is my 1-hour glucose test.  I keep staring at the bottle of "fruit punch" in the refrigerator...I am not looking forward to this.  Please tell me the test isn't as bad as I'm imagining it will be.  I'm really bad at downing any beverage in five minutes...even the ones I like. 

On the plus side, we get to go to Target after the appointment.  :)


Joy 3: Snuggly Lola.  Since the nights have gotten colder, Lola has switched from her cat bed to the spot between Mike and I in bed.  Last night, Mike woke up to find his arm had fallen asleep, because Lola decided to sleep on it. 

Joy 4: Warmth.  It's about 15 degrees outside right now.  Originally, we weren't crazy about the propane stove taking up space in the living room, but it came in very handy last winter.   (Don't worry, we only use it when we're awake and close by.)

 Joy 5: Liam.  It's amazing that I can experience so much joy from so much discomfort.  The little guy discovered my ribs this week.  Oy!


Tonight's song is from A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Classic...I can't help but love this song! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Its not as bad as you think! I've had three of those drinks...and no, they aren't as good as starbucks...lol..I wouldn't say they are the worst thing you could ever have either! LOL!! At least they make it a pretty orange and not puce green!! LOL!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your list today too!!! YAY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Christina Aiton said...

good luck with the test! Love your lists!

Hanneke said...

Good luck with the test, no advise fro me there cause we don't have them overhere!!!

Tim, Jenn, and Peanut said...

I had the orange instead of the fruit punch...but it wasn't bad at all! In fact, I dreaded it for nothing! The five minutes is def long enough, so don't stress out! It will turn out great :)

EverydayMe said...

Know what you mean about the ribs... RAinee loved mine... there were moments I couldn't breath... but I still loved it.... and I miss it!!!
{{hugs}} Michele