Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visiting Grandma and Papaw

Since I'm on Spring Break this week (and Mike is not...sadface), Liam and I made the trip to visit Grandma and Papaw (otherwise known as my parents).

Grandma took the day off from work to spend time with us.  We had lunch at Bob Evans, and Papaw even managed to sneak away from work for a few minutes.  As you can tell, they're very happy to have the little man around.
Grandma and Papaw are pretty happy right now.  :)

Grandma found this really cool dinosaur tent on clearance, and brought it out for Liam to play in.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  Grandma even tried to lure him in with blocks...he just walked over to the tent, pulled the blocks out, and sat back down to play with them. 

Liam plopped himself in Grandma's lap in order to get a few bites of blueberry crepe. 
Liam decided that Grandma was his best 
friend after she gave him a bite of blueberry crepe. :) 

This morning, Papaw took Liam to his barber.  My dad doesn't miss a chance to show him off.  
My dad, waiting with Liam for his haircut.

After his haircut, Liam, Grandma, and I went outside to blow bubbles.
Liam's first experience with bubbles was a hit! 

He had his first experience with the piano, and absolutely loved discovering all the different sounds that he could make. 

We're back home now, and Spring Break is winding down.  It was so nice to visit for a little while. 

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Anonymous said...

Grandma loved every minute of it:)