Thursday, April 12, 2012

My latest pin: Wasp trap

Because of the warmer-than-normal winter we just had, I've heard a lot of speculation that we'll be seeing plenty of bugs this summer.  In a normal summer, we deal with enough wasps, and we've already found a couple in the house over the past month.  My father-in-law had told us about some effective traps he's made in the past.  But that was last summer, and I couldn't remember exactly how to make it. (Can I still claim baby-brain?)  Fortunately, Pinterest had plenty of ideas. I found this tutorial for a DIY wasp trap, and it looked simple enough. All I needed was a 2L soda bottle, something to cut said bottle with, and some masking/duct tape. 

 Wasp trap

I would love to tell you that this wasp trap has worked like a charm.  Unfortunately, we've had freeze warnings in the forecast over the last several days, so no wasps have stepped up to try out my contraption. If you look at the original post, you'll see that it was very effective!  (I can't imagine anyone collecting all those wasps to fake an "after" photo...*shudders*) 

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Melonie said...

LOL! Yes...I have to agree that the fake collecting of wasps would be a little extreme. I have been thinking about trying this too:) Hope it works out for you!