Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break has a new appeal

I'm on Spring Break this week, and today was all about Mr. Liam!  We woke up early (even though I offered to let him sleep in), had a leisurely breakfast (or two...the boy has hobbit tendencies), and made our way to the library for Book Babies.  Since Mike and I work, we aren't able to take him, but since his sitter does story-time, we know it's something he loves!

We sang songs, listened to stories (and got to flip pages through one of the books), and had dance time!  He was so attentive, and even tried to dance a little (with Mommy's help).  And he is all about shaker/scarf time!  After Book Babies, we went to the kids' room of the library.  We tried to read That's Not My Bear, but he was more interested in climbing up and down the risers that surrounded the room.  We are definitely going back once summer vacation starts!

When we got home, we had lunch, played ball (he has this funny habit of rolling the ball from several feet away, then eventually finding himself right in front of me trying to throw the ball my way), and took a long nap together.  That's my idea of a perfect day! 

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