Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Liam!

Liam got to celebrate his first Easter today!  It was such a great day, despite the fact that his adorable outfit I originally had in mind was comically large.  So we settled on a cute overalls outfit that I picked up for $3 at a consignment shop.  The ivy hat (just like Daddy's) was a nice touch. 

I'm so afraid of the true meaning of Easter getting lost in all the other stuff -- the bunnies, eggs, baskets, and outfits.  During his bath, I made sure to tell him that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and that while Easter baskets and eggs are fun, they aren't what Easter is all about.

Church was great!  Liam was a sweet, sleeping baby through the entire service.  (This doesn't always happen.)  We had to step out of Sunday School class when he started crying.  Bummer, because I'm pretty sure I missed a great discussion.  Ashley invited us to Easter dinner at her parents' house.  We had a great time, and it meant a lot to us that they would welcome us into their their home. 

We came home, and finally gave Liam his Easter basket.  (I'm pretty sure this will be the only year I can delay the basket.)  We also took a few photos of him with his basket and/or awesome hat.

 I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Easter!  Christ is risen! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sooooooooooooo CUTE CUTE CUTE! I loveeeeeee his hat! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jocelyn said...

Just adorable!!!!!

nichole said...

hat little Liam just melts my heart, Bekka! SO cute in his Easter duds and what a fun basket! :) love that you shared with him what Easter is really all about. We did the same thing with Grayson and read him one is his new Easter/Jesus books!

EverydayMe said...

sooooo sweet... love the hat photos!!! And totally know what you mean with the basket thing... Rainee gets so excited about the stuff I have to sit her down days before to remind her what it's REALLY all about... but once Sunday morning is here and we're in church... I know she knows what it's all about... and the candy and baskets... they are just added fluff.
{{hugs}} Michelle
p.s. I think you might be able to get away with giving the basket later one more year... but after that... I don't know...

Patty said...

Hello Bekka. I am finally catching up on blog posts. Loved this one, he is growing so big and such a cutie. That hat is the best. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!