Monday, December 21, 2009

I got sidetracked in a most productive manner. (edited)

So, my goal this week was to finish up Christmas gifts...fortunately, there are enough people that I won't see until after Christmas to make this goal a possibiltity. On Saturday, I took a break from the stuff I had to do, and worked on a couple of projects that have caught my eye recently.

The first of these are the Alice wrist warmers over at Craftzine. The most difficult part of this? Finding the Knifty Knitter flower loom. Which I found while visiting the in-laws this weekend. So far, I'm halfway finished, but I am loving how this is turning out!

I also worked on the finger-knit garland. I found this awesome chunky yarn (again, while visiting the in-laws...I should probably visit more often...LOL). I made almost 30 feet in just a couple of hours. I have this dream of having a white Christmas tree decorated in bright yellow. I think I'm going to pick up some bulbs the day after Christmas and spray paint them yellow. And I'll probably pick up some felt for this and this. We'll see if I can find a discounted white tree after Christmas...not going to get my hopes up, but we'll see. We're going to try to find a 7ft tree that day anyway, so I'll at least inherit our smaller (green) tree.

And I'm thinking this little guy might be next year's Christmas gift. Better to know that now, when I can work on it off and on throughout the year, right? Oh, who am I kidding? I'll start sometime around Thanksgiving, because I am so the last-minute kinda gal. Haha. (No link because I freestyled the little guy!)

And finally, my favorite version of one of my favorite Christmas songs. I finally broke down and bought it on iTunes this weekend. The words to this song manage to simultaneously give me chills and make me smile.


Chris said...

Just love those wristwarmers - I didn't know that you knitted - I love to knit but I rarely have many chances to wear much of the stuff I make. Today was very cold for here so I wore one of my shawls this morning. Your yellow and white tree idea sounds very interesting - I would like to find a white feather tree at a thrift store but no luck so far. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that cute photo of u...and ummmmmmmmmmmmm i soooooooooooo love the barenaked ladies!!! *love* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

merryheart2 said...

i love that sweet smile.
merry christmas sweet one.