Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adventures in Christmas -- Two road-weary travelers

Confession: Sometimes I say I dislike Christmas. And what I mean is I love the holiday. Jesus's birth is something I want to celebrate. I just really, really dislike the travel that comes with it. Especially when it seems never-ending. (I know...think of the wisemen and all the traveling that they did...) :)

For your amusement, here is this year's travel itenerary:
  • December 18: Work a full day. Go home. Drive three-hours to visit Mike's parents.
  • December 20: Drive three hours back home. Because my district is under the impression that no one travels out of the county for Christmas, and they think having the students in the bulding for the next two days will magically improve test scores. Mike's district is smarter -- he had a half-day on the 18th.
  • December 23: Try to do some last minute Christmas shopping. After spending 30 minutes trying to get out of the shopping center, we realize this attempt is futile. And we drive home, realize just how stupid this was on our part.
  • December 24: Drive an hour from home for Christmas with Mike's Mom's side of the family. Then we drive about 10 minutes for Mike's Dad's side of the family. Then, around 10 pm, we drive 2+ hours to my parents.
  • December 25: After a long day of travel, and getting in after midnight, my siblings still insist on waking up at 5 am to open gifts. My sibling are both in their twenties. My protesting falls on deaf ears. I get very little sleep because I'm still kind of ticked off and new arguments against a 5 am wake-up keep running through my head and I can't get them to stop. 5 am arrives, and really, it's not so bad. I just wish that memories of opening gifts with my family didn't have that early-morning fuzz. Yay for napping throughout the day!
  • December 26: Mike has a cousin who he rarely sees throughout the year. And the Bess cousins have an annual tradition of meeting up at Applebee's before this cousin goes back to Florida. So we drive the 2 hours back to Mike's family for dinner. At the end of the night we have a choice: drive two hours back to my parents, or drive one hour back to our house, and head back to my parents the next day. It's late, so we choose our house.
  • December 27: We go to church, then make the 2-hour drive back to my parents' house.
  • December 28: We stay at my parents' house until the 28th because that's my dad's birthday. Birthday lunch with my family, and then drive two hours home. And we stay there.
  • December 29: As I write this post, Mike is just waking up. It's noon. My husband is a rockstar for doing the vast majority of driving.
I really do feel bad about sounding so negative in this post. But one of the side effects of all this travel is a lot of lower back pain. (This happened after Thanksgiving, so I'm starting to see a pattern). Actually, I look at this and just feel mildly sarcastic, not so much negative, because really, in the end, it's worth it to spend time with family (even if they do wake me up at 5 am. LOL).

Also, proposed goal for 2010: support teleportation technology research & development. :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

lol...can i get that teleportation technology to visit my family??? granted they only live 5 & 10 miles away... but unlike u... lol lol lol.... mine drive me a little batty sometimes!! LOL!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Amy Muffoletto said...

Final statement makes it all worth while.....I will have to say though that makes it a lot easier for them to just come and visit us!!!! Anyway we look at it I think life is about the journey we just make the best of it while we are here! I will pray your back feels much better. Hugs, Amy

amy lapi said...

your banner is so awesome! and holy crap, that's some schedule! i hope it all went fantasmic! xo