Monday, December 28, 2009

Adventures in Christmas -- A Tree Too Large

I am very happy to report that i found both of the Christmas trees that we wanted. Mike, my brother Zack, and I headed out before 6 am to Wal-Mart to see what we could find. My 6-foot white pre-lit tree was a bargain at only $8.75!!! Gotta love a 75% discount. We couldn't find a 7-foot tree, though. The plan was to check out K-Mart next, but it didn't open until 8 am. So we went home and dropped off Mike and picked up my Mom. K-Mart only had a 50% discount, but the had the sort of tree we wanted (7-feet tall and full at the bottom). Perfect, so I bought it.

Then we loaded it into the car. Or, rather, we TRIED to load it into the car.

No matter what we did, it wouldn't fit. So we had to call my dad so he could bring the truck. And we waited. And reenacted the event so I could have pictures for the blog post.

And then Dad arrived (my hero!) and he and Zack loaded the tree into the truck.

We may never be able to ever get rid of this tree, because now our tree has a story. Also, as my brother pointed out, because it is impossible to move.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!! U crack me up!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that story! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Melonie said...

LOL! A tree with a story has to stay around for many years. We bought our tree after Christmas on Clearance a couple of years back and it is the best thing we ever did for our marriage;) The thing pops together in 10 minutes AND it's pre-lit. Making the Hubs and I both very happy. I hope your new tree sees you through many years and happy memories.

Jocelyn said...

TOOOOOO glad you found those awesome deals...

I must Husband and I did the very same thing and could not get the tree into the car...we ended up taking it out of the box and putting the pieces into the car that way!!! I then had to go out and buy a tree bag to store it it in!!!!

sarah said...

HAHAHAHHA!!!! bekka, i always LOVE to stop by your post to read something that will make my day! :) but with all of that trouble, at least you got a deal, right?! hehe. can't wait to see your tree next year! hehe.


Anne. said...

What a smart move! I'll have to remember waiting until after Christmas to get amazing deals on trees, haha. Also, I love how you guys reenacted the event so you'd have photos for this post. xD