Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Attack of the Nerds

Confession:  I don't really care for Halloween.

I'm also not a fan of Halloween candy.  To me, a bucket full of candy is one of the most disgusting smells I can imagine.

There is only one person who could get me into the spirit of the day.

His name?  Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Check out Dr. Sheldon Cooper!  :D

I think this was the last year that Liam wouldn't have an opinion about his Halloween costume.  Plus, he doesn't care too much for extra layers. Oh, and Liam's parents are huge nerds!  Sheldon was a good choice.

For Halloween dress-up at work, my coworker, Jennifer, and I were Penny and Amy.  Again, nerds.  :)  I forgot to take my glasses off for the pic, so I might be a little more Bernadette than Penny.  No matter.  I managed a Cheesecake Factory uniform from items I already owned.  I might be the MacGyver of Halloween. 

Halloween dress-up - Amy and Penny

(Someone asked me why I wasn't Amy instead.  Goodness knows I've got the wardrobe to support that look.  But, as Liam's mother, I absolutely could not dress up as Sheldon's girlfriend.  Therapy is expensive, folks.  Plus, the Penny-Sheldon dynamic is so "parent-child", it seemed like the perfect choice!)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

We love that show!! You look adorable!!!

tenaya said...

Liam is adorable!