Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some recent favorites

 My favorites:
  1. Cinnamon sugar pita chips. Stacy's is my fave brand, but the Meijer brand isn't too bad either. 
  2. Thrifting.  This one's gonna be on the list for a very long time.  It's no longer a pastime, but a way of life. 
  3. Laugh & Learn toys.  Really, this is one of Liam's favorites, but the little songs are pretty catchy, and they buy me just enough time to wash the dishes. 
  4. This weather.  Seriously.  If I had a complaint, I'd say it was that we skipped over spring.  But I don't really have a complaint.  ;)
  5. Mint Dark Chocolate M&Ms.  So addicting.  I'm certain they'll take them away soon enough.  I should start stockpiling now...

Liam's favorites:
  1. Nuk sippy cups.  The only kind he'll drink from.  
  2. "Tah".  That would be Liam-speak for "cat".  He loves her. The feeling is not mutual.
  3. Anyone who isn't mommy or daddy.  I don't say this in a self-pitying sort of way.  He just enjoys the novelty of people he doesn't see everyday.  He's very well-behaved for them, and will even crack a smile for them on his crankiest days. 
  4. A Cuddle for Little Duck.  Such a sweet bedtime book.  He loves to count the ducks. 
  5. Pattycake.  A few weeks ago, he started clapping.  Now he's mastering the "put it in the pan" action. 

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