Friday, March 2, 2012

My kid is techy.

For a 1-year old, his form isn't that! 
I'm amazed at how much Liam is picking up on the technology around him.  He loves to play with the remote, and has a general idea of how the TV comes on, can flip through my iPhone, and look at that typing form!  

Don't let the fact that he only says three words fool you. There's a lot going on in that fuzzy noggin.  

Technology aside, his ability to show us that he is picking up on our daily habits astounds me.  It's an excellent reminder that I need to be aware that he is watching everything I do, and what he sees is shaping his own understanding of the world around him.  I find this both humbling and scary. 

But I think he should keep at the typing.  The fact that both hands are on the keyboard already puts him leaps and bounds beyond the "hunt and peck" style of typing I see far too much of today.  :)


@littlefashiondiary said...

Oh yay!! He gets it naturally, doesn't he?! I think he's going to be reading sooner than average too. Oh my...It's so scary and awesome to think about how much little people know and pick up so soon!!!! It's a great thing you all are amazing parents!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Tooooooooooo cute!