Friday, January 28, 2011

4 of 52

(This post is kind of a repeat of last night's post, but I needed to add the story to this week's 52 Week Project photo.)

At this week's appointment with the midwife, it turns out Liam and I have a lucky number (my weight and his heartbeat were the same number for the 2nd week in a row). The nurse said I should play the lotto with those numbers. So I did. I didn't win, but it was still fun!

I edited the photo using Picnik.  Originally, I had planned on making the entire photo black and white, but then decided to keep the ticket in color.  I liked this better because the color of the ticket is subtle to begin with.


EverydayMe said...

this is sooooo cute... you two are already in-sink with each other... delightful!!! sorry you didn't win the lotto... but you have a much better prize coming!!! wooo hoooo!
{{hugs}} Michelle

Patty said...

Hey they may not be winning numbers now but one day they just might be!

Hanneke said...

Love this!!! And like Michelle said you already have a great prize comming!!
Love what you did with the photo!!