Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still here!

I know my blog-negligence has run most of you away! If you still read, please leave a comment! I miss each and every one of you!

In my world: I've been enjoying a few days off.

I went to my first Arbonne party. Apparently it was the first of many. We all decided to host our own parties. So come to mine in September! :D (I have NEVER done the selling-things party. Swore I never would. But they all said they would come. And it was so much fun!!!)

Closing day and graduation was Friday! (Woohoo!) As much as I am tiring of graduations, it was actually one of the nicest graduations my school has had (imho).

Speaking of graduation -- I promised little sis I would post some of the photos I took from her college graduation. (Forgive me for forgetting, Britt!)

So I've been relaxing since Saturday. Got my hair cut and a spa manicure. The mani was a Christmas gift from my bff Jeannine. She's moving in August -- what am I gonna do?!?!? Oh, right -- visit her. She'll only be 4 hours away.

I got an A in the grad class I took last month. One more A, and I'll graduate in August with a 4.0!!! (I don't think this really means anything, but it's the first time that I can say that!)

The cicadas are driving me crazy. We seem to have them worse than some of the surrounding areas. Together, they're annoying. Individually, they're scary little buggers! One of them got in my car and really freaked me out -- I thought something was happening to the engine!

I made a new scrapblog last night:

I'm going to a 3-day conference on Wednesday. Presenting on the second day. (Wish me luck -- I've never done that before!) Skipping the third day altogether...

...but I have a great reason.

SISiversary, baby!!! I can't wait!!! Just a few more days! The blog will be on photo-overload when I get back!

So I think I will get back to prepping for Thursday's presentation. I think it will be okay -- my topic is Free Tools for Teachers. Lots of fun stuff that I've used in my classes. So I know my content. I don't know if I'm a good presenter, though.

What have I gotten myself into?


Inka said...

hi bekka!
great to see you again. :)
i´m sure you´ll do just fine with your presentation. don´t worry about it.
have a nice day and..
hugs! :)

Lisa said...

dude, have TONS of fun at sisiversary!!! i'm totally jealous! good to see you blogging again :) dont be a stranger!!

Christina said...

Jeff and I used to sell Arbonne! haha...I'm still using the lotion--it's the best! Congrats on the grad classes! I don't ever think I had a 4.0--wow--that totally takes talent. How in the world do you do that with your schedule!?!? :)