Thursday, June 26, 2008

I looked at the calendar today...

...and realized that in three weeks, I will be in Poland! I seriously did not realize our mission trip is so close! Wow. Lots of firsts - first mission trip, first time overseas, first stamp on my passport... I am very excited, and freaking out just a little bit. But only a little bit. :)

A few things going on right now:
  • SIStv is having a 20% off sale today. So I browsed through the boutique and saw this! Yeah, that's me! That totally made me smile! So, should I add "t-shirt model" to my resume? :D (ETA: I just checked back, and they changed the photo. And that was the story of my short-lived career as a t-shirt model.)
  • I got bored and bought two new rolls of duct tape today. Purple and turquoise. So pretty.
  • I've been trying to leave lots of flickr love is one of those things that I forget is social from time to time. Sometimes I treat it like photo storage, but there is so much to see there!
  • Oh Traci, I forgot to get back with you about the photo editing I've been having so much fun with it lately!
  • Check out this girl's tutorial -- super cute, simple albums for ATC cards. I heart you, Brandy! :D

Would anyone be interested in an ATC swap? I know a few people have mentioned doing this on their own blogs, but that was back when I had no time to read blogs, so I found out about it a month or so after the fact. I have gotten out of the habit of making ATCs (though I love making them), and would love to make some that didn't have a theme. Let me know if you're interested. I'm feeling the need to challenge myself!

Oh, and my birthday is tomorrow!!!


Rhi said...

oh how exciting. how long is your mission trip for?

and i definitely think teeshirt model needs to go on the CV ;)

Rebecca Saylor said...

Yo Bekka - I'm totally down for an ATC swap! Happy b-day (early).

Charin said...

Look at you rocking the t-shirt!! :) :)
Happy birthday!

Lisa said...

happy birthday!!!!

thats SO cool they put a picture of you in the sis boutique!

i'm totally jealous you will be traveling out of the country! sounds like a blast! and make sure to ask them to actually stamp your passport. they dont really do that, and i got cheated when i went to france and spain! *shakes fist in air* lol

make sure to take lots of pictures!!

oh and have a beautiful birthday! take lots of pictures today too! :)

Jill Deiling said...

hey! that's so awesome that you have lots of lolly pop sticks too, AND that you bought some colored duct tape! It would be sooo fun to scrap with you too, we would have so much fun! :D
i love that pic of you and amy, too cool that it's in the scrap in style store!
i wish i had time for an atc swap, but i am sooo busy right now. :( Just found out i have to start working from home on monday, sighhh... i so dont want to start working again, lol.
i just got the prizes from you for the scrapstars prize in the mail today! Thank you so much, I love them! We're going to have SUCH a good prize this time around!! I have to take a pic of it all together to put on the site. :)
I hope youre having a great friday, ill ttyl girl!

Inka said...

you´re such a cute t-shirt model. :)

Sharmaine said...

Happy Birthday Bekka!!! Hope it was a superly lovely one :)

Traci said...

so happy belated birthday!!!
my son's 3rd birthday was on the 24th. we had his party today (saturday).
loved your photo on the sis boutique!!
i am now officially a duct tape addict. right now i only have 3 colors but am trying to find reasons to go to the aisle w/the duct tape and how to sneak them into my cart!!LOL!!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

oh, thanks for that link....I need to start the ATC's I just have a need for it!

Oh and have so much fun in Poland. I did a mission in Mexico about 10 years was awesome. it seriously helped my relationship with God. :)

Oh, and HAPPY late Birthday!! My boy turned 3 on the 29th. I was in labor all of the 28th. :D

Melonie said...

Happy Birthday a few days late! I hope you have a super time in Poland too!

tania said...

totally late but happy birthday!
i am going on my missions trip in about 3 weeks too. We leave on the 27th but are going early to Creation Fest so we actually leave on the 24th.
I would do an ATC swap too but not till August. Let me know.
I left you some flickr love tonight!!

Valerie said...

So excited for you and your trip!! Loved Brandy's tutorial for the ATC book, she's such a smart cookie!! Count me in for an ATC swap!!

Mandi said...

have a great trip! Missions trips are amazing.