Sunday, June 22, 2008

The SISiversary post, and more...

So I'm finally getting around to posting about last weekend. I had so much fun -- I'm already starting my fund for next year's event! There was so much going on -- I'm actually kind of glad I didn't take any classes, because I would have missed out on so much! I met so many amazing people -- I don't think I'll list them because (1) the list is soooo long and (2) I'm afraid I'll leave someone out. I didn't sleep much -- my brain was on overdrive! And I became very familiar with Steel Magnolias, thanks to my fantastic roommates! :)

On the way there, I ran over a freshly blown-out tire from the tractor trailer in front of me. $731.90 worth of damage. Nothing major, mainly body. Yay for deductables! (Still waiting on the insurance adjustor to grace us with his/her presence...)

Here is the link to my SISiversary mini book. It was a make-and-take from the event, and I added in a bunch of other make-and-takes. It was a fun, random little project!

I'm so glad I went -- I can't believe I was a little nervous about going! That feeling went away almost as soon as I got there -- I was hugged so many times before I even got inside the hotel! :D

Some randoms:
  • I have a new goal of collecting duct tape in every color. Can't get enough of the stuff for my layouts.
  • I have to work for the next three days. Curriculum planning. Ugh.
  • I am playing with the new scrapstars kit. It's so fab -- and it's available in a couple of weeks.
  • My head hurts. Sinuses. I opted to skip church this morning and sleep it off. Felt bad about that, but still enjoyed the sleep.
  • Our phone number is very close to the phone number of a taxi service in a nearby town. Drunk people + inaccurate dialing = my phone ringing at 3 am. I was surprisingly cheery to the person who woke me up at an odd hour last least he was calling for a cab and not driving.
  • We're going to buy a point and shoot camera before our trip to Poland next month. Any suggestions?
  • I really want to add a Flip to that purchase. :)

Well, I think I'm off to evening church services. During the summer, they are held at the church park (lots of cooking out, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee!) But it looks like it's going to storm, so maybe we won't...


Melonie said...

So glad you had fun! I'm seriously considering going next year! Hope you are feeling better too.

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! $731.90 worth of damage?? I can't believe that! Glad that you were my roomie though! I had a blast!

Charin said...

That looks like such a cute little mini! :)
Sorry to hear about the damage, hopefully your insurance company will get it all sorted out soon for you!

Lisa said...

yikes about your car! that majorly sucks!!

ceeeeute make and take mini! so glad to hear you had fun! hopefully i will be able to go next year and then i can meet you too! :)

Debee Campos said...

you are precious
seriously just precious
it was awesome sharing some time with you
my sweet friend :)
you are cool

as far as camera's go.
I only trust canon. But that's just me. They have great point and shoot ones. Lots of my friends and family have em and I'm thinking of getting one too since lugging around my huge dlsr is annoying and not conspicuous at all:)


Christina C. said...

lady that mini is FABULOUS. I am so jealous. I am glad you had such a good time. :)

sorry to hear about your car!

Jill Deiling said...

aww, im sorry to hear about your headache, AND running over the trailer tire, that stinks! :( i hope you get it taken care of soon!
oh yeah, yay for colored duct tape! I love it!
I love your pics from sisaversary!

Traci said...

i love your sisiversary mini!!
i am wanting a FLIP to.
i think seeing all of those girls w/one at sisiversary didn't help!

Mollie said...

Me wanna flip too lol I love looking at your blog. It's so happy. :) and i love the Jason mraz song on your playlist too :)

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

OH nooooo never fun to have damage to a car.

So glad you finished your LO at SIS - I am still working on mine!

Also I have a flip LOVE IT. You must get it.

THanks for telling me about the next book... ACK! i dont think I can take this Twilight stuff! LOL. HUGS!

Inka said...

your mini album is really cute. what a nice memory from that weekend. :)

Stacy said...

Ok Seriously... a month later and I am just now reading this... but just had to comment and say that you were the best roomie/robot/blind scrappin' buddy ever! No matter what we have to all room together again next year okay? I will bring the ear plugs!