Sunday, May 22, 2011

Liam - Week 13

Shamrock jammies...shammies?  :)

  • Cheered on his Uncle Zack at graduation.
  • Made a beautiful card for Mommy (with a little help from Daddy).
  • Got a brand new toy from Mommy.
  • Went through his 3-month growth spurt.
  • Found a lady at church he really liked, and spent the service trying to get her attention.  They had a lovely conversation once he did.
  • Got lots of new clothes from his Aunt Britt Britt.
  • Went to the doctor.  Poor little guy had a cold.


danielle @ take heart said...

he is so very sweet!

EverydayMe said...

golly I hope he's better by now... love the list!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle